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In the first Cat Quest, we rescued a sister who was kidnapped by a villain, and in the second part, the tragedy turned out to be much larger. Here, not only cats, but also dogs are in the lead roles, and all of them have to unite to defeat the usurper kings. Only in this way will Felingard, inhabited by cats, and the dog haven called the Empire of Lupus return to its former glory.

Enemies turned friends

Like the first part, Cat Quest II is a bright and somewhat childish role-playing game, full of pets and jokes associated with them. The captives are imprisoned here, the heroes are called Your Purr and Your Avichestvo, and on the world map there is Puddingtown, South Laporte and Kotolichnoe Lake. Not a single dialogue is complete without words like “purrly” and “great-pawed”, which, oddly enough, is not very annoying by the end of the passage.

And in terms of gameplay, the sequel is not much different from its predecessor. You still walk around the big world map, complete quests, help your relatives and periodically go down into the dungeons for valuable loot. This time, the territory has become twice as large, but the story campaign has not grown much at the same time – it can still be completed in five hours. Despite the fact that experience flows like water, and new levels are issued after each quest, you will have to periodically be distracted by side tasks, otherwise it will be painful in story dungeons.

The main innovation was the cooperative mode (naturally, without online) – one player takes control of the cat, and the other gets the role of the dog. When passing alone, the partner is led by artificial intelligence, and, unfortunately, he is incredibly stupid. He can only get close to opponents, use spells inadvertently and rush under blows, which is why he constantly dies in battles with strong bosses. Sometimes he finds something on a friend, and with a drop of health he manages to survive for a couple of seconds and even deal damage, but in general it is better not to rely on him.

At the same time, there will be no problems with missions alone (I only restarted a couple of tasks three times), so you can go through Cat Quest II in co-op not only with experienced gamers, but also with children or those who are poorly versed in games. Even tough enemies can be dealt with alone, because before almost all of their attacks, either a red circle appears on the ground, which fills up within a second, or symbols indicating the use of magic by the opponent. If you carefully follow these tips, with the help of a roll you will always be able to escape in time and then return to beating the enemy.

Cat Quest II game review

Cities are still “dead” – residents stand motionless near the houses. But everything looks nice.

One claw is not enough

The combat system has not been seriously developed – you still roll when you press the space bar, press the left mouse button to attack with a weapon and use magic using separate keys. Over time, the roll becomes more useful and allows you to deal damage to enemies, and for exploring the world and interacting with special monuments, you are rewarded with new spells – if you just run without looking back through the story, their list in your inventory will be very meager. However, even with the new features, the “combat” becomes a little boring – when you repeatedly make only the same strikes and rolls, combining it with magic, you begin to regret the lack of at least some depth.

There are several types of weapons, but they all fall into two main categories. Melee weapons are ordinary and two-handed swords, axes, daggers, and so on, to use them you need to get close to the opponents. Ranged weapons – all kinds of staves that reduce health by half, but allow you to shoot magic spheres with auto-aiming. It is most logical to give one character a regular weapon, and the second a staff, since some enemies and even bosses can fall apart from magic five times faster than from a sword. But when playing alone, this does not work as well as we would like – if the AI ​​​​takes the staff, he will also run into the crowd and die.

All equipment has additional characteristics: increases the chance of critical damage, increases attack, increases the speed of attacks, or makes certain spells more powerful. Therefore, choosing helmets and breastplates only by their appearance (and they are displayed on the characters) may not be entirely reasonable. On the other hand, bonuses are not always so important as to draw attention to them.

Armor and weapons can be upgraded at blacksmiths for money that has nothing else to spend on, and chests sometimes drop out duplicates of existing items that increase their levels. If you have a helmet of the first level lying around, at the end of the game you can find a copy and upgrade it to level 25 at no additional cost.

Cat Quest II game review

There is even a helmet that turns a dog into a cat – this is in case you don’t like dogs.

Smelled the gold

Despite the monotonous combat system, hunting for quality trophies and generally exploring the map is entertaining. Quite often, there are characters who issue side quests, which have great jokes and references – just think of the treasure hunter Lightan Drake and the conductor Alaideus Gavgang. Tasks come across very different: from searching for scattered leaves, for which they will eventually give a useful passive ability, to participating in a dispute between cats and dogs on the border of two kingdoms.

The map is littered with dungeons, the vast majority of which do not need to be visited either for the story or for additional tasks, but they are fun to clear them: defeat enemies, dodge traps, and sometimes use the environment to defeat opponents that cannot be damaged by either weapons or magic . Chests are placed everywhere, where valuable (and not so) things lie, and the recommended level is indicated before entering each dungeon – you can get into the crowd of overly strong villains only through your own inattention.

If in the first Cat Quest only Felingard was available for study, then in the sequel very soon access to the Lupus Empire will open – a completely new and equally large location. The habitat of cats is an evergreen area with trees and bushes, while dogs live in a desert with cacti at every turn and huge bones. Both are full of dungeon areas, hidden coins, chests that require special keys, and other surprises. So, in addition to the five-hour campaign, there is something to do here – just as in three-dimensional open-world games you are constantly distracted by extraneous entertainment, here again and again you want to go up to that dog with an exclamation mark above his head, and not run through the plot.

The damage-dealing roll is dangerous in crowd fights.


Cat Quest II did not even try to make something new and different from the previous game. This is still the same bright, cute, light RPG, which has become much more interesting thanks to the co-op mode and offered several innovations that make the already exciting game even better. You can also go through it alone, but a stupid companion will constantly annoy with his helplessness. I hope that by the third part they will try to make the combat system a little more diverse. True, it is difficult to imagine which faction will join the cats and dogs in the future.

Pros: still great visual style; good humor and funny references; two large regions with a bunch of dungeons and side quests; various equipment; unpretentious and understandable gameplay – ideal for cooperative passage with a family member.

Cons: the combat system is monotonous; a partner when playing alone is stupid; lack of online co-op.

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