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Catch the Alien: Find Impostor is an exciting multiplayer game that challenges players to uncover the hidden alien among them. Use your detective skills, call emergency meetings, and vote wisely to catch the impostor before they eliminate everyone!

Catch the Alien: Find Impostor  MOD APK (High Damage) 1.3.9

Catch the Alien: Find Impostor


Among the countless games available to play, few have captivated audiences like “Catch the Alien: Find Impostor.” This thrilling game combines elements of deception, strategy, and teamwork into a unique and entertaining experience. Whether you are an avid gamer or a casual player looking to sharpen your skills, we’ll delve into the mechanics, strategies, and tips to help you master this addictive game.


“Catch the Alien: Find Impostor” takes place on a spaceship infiltrated by aliens disguised as crew members. The goal of the game is to identify and eliminate the impostors while completing various tasks to ensure the ship’s proper functioning. The catch? The impostors are mingling among the real crew members, making it difficult to distinguish friend from foe.

Each round, players can choose to play as either crew members or impostors. The crew members must complete tasks scattered throughout the ship while keeping a close eye on their fellow crewmates. Impostors, on the other hand, must sabotage tasks and eliminate crew members without getting caught. As a crew member, your objective is to identify the impostors and vote them out of the ship.

Strategies for Crew Members

As a crew member, your main task is to complete assignments while avoiding the impostors. Here are a few strategies to improve your chances of survival:

  • Stick Together: Move in groups whenever possible. Impostors tend to prey on isolated crew members, so staying together increases your chances of survival.
  • Complete Tasks: Focus on completing tasks efficiently as this not only helps the team but also gives you an alibi when making accusations against potential impostors.
  • Observe Behavior: Pay close attention to the actions and movements of your fellow crew members. Sudden or suspicious behavior could be an indicator of an impostor.
  • Utilize Security Cameras: Make use of security cameras strategically placed throughout the ship to monitor suspicious activities and identify potential impostors.

Strategies for Impostors

If you choose to play as an impostor, your objective is to deceive the crew members and eliminate them one by one. Here are some effective strategies for impostors:

  • Blend In: Act as a regular crew member and try to mimic their behavior. This includes completing fake tasks and participating in discussions.
  • Seize Opportunities: Take advantage of situations where you are alone with a crew member and eliminate them discreetly without raising suspicion.
  • Use Sabotage: Sabotage tasks strategically to create chaos and divert attention from your true identity.
  • Manipulate Discussions: During meetings, use persuasive tactics to shift blame onto innocent crew members and away from yourself.

Tips for Detecting Impostors

Distinguishing impostors from genuine crew members can be challenging. However, here are some tips to help you identify the culprits:

  • Watch for Vent Usage: Impostors can use ventilation systems to move quickly around the ship. Keep an eye out for crew members suddenly disappearing and reappearing in different areas.
  • Visual Tasks: Pay attention to crew members performing visual tasks as impostors are unable to replicate these actions.
  • Use Emergency Meetings: Call for emergency meetings to discuss suspicions and inconsistencies. Observe how individuals react and communicate during these discussions.
  • Keep Track of Player Movements: Note the movement patterns of crew members and identify any unusual behaviors or sudden changes in direction.


“Catch the Alien: Find Impostor” offers a unique gaming experience that challenges your deduction skills, teamwork, and deception abilities. By utilizing effective strategies and observing your fellow players, you can increase your chances of survival as a crew member or successfully deceive as an impostor. So, gather your friends, jump aboard the spaceship, and unleash your inner detective or master manipulator in this thrilling game!

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