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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a fun battle between cute cats and huge robots. Enter the arena and destroy your opponent with a wide variety of weapons. Build your own killing machine and no one can beat you. Tens of millions of players from all over the world are ready to compete for the championship title in this amazing game, so get ready for some serious confrontation.
To create a powerful robot, you have a huge variety of parts. Find a unique balance of protection and strength in your design so that it can withstand fights with serious opponents and deal with enemies quickly enough. Feel like an engineer and you will see the beauty of this application. Call your friends, unite with them in a powerful clan and defeat the most powerful enemies.
Game Features:

CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars
 Codes Wiki (2022 December) 2.49.1
All Codes Expiration date
IZR8PTLMAXG November 11, 2022
3LAT69YCJB October 29, 2022
ZPL2O4T7X November 4, 2022
56SFEC04BYT October 28, 2022
6BSYUKPI3OAM November 18, 2022
IQWEJZ743X8 December 24, 2022
LQPBOJ8XATK November 22, 2022
S50FZR2BVQ December 6, 2022
FAUPD4X0V November 4, 2022
YR2VBSD6GL9 December 16, 2022
8ZFHKO12I0GU November 19, 2022
BUIKDSP0J4V December 13, 2022
  • funny battles;
  • a huge arsenal of weapons;
  • cute heroes;
  • colorful graphics;
  • original design.

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