Hướng dẫn - Updated on January 3, 2023

Did you miss Neverland and the witchers inhabiting it? Then CD Project RED there is something to please you – a new game of the witcher series is already in development.

As the developers showed at the end of the add-on “Blood and Wine”, beloved by many Geralt of Rivia really retired. The announced project will launch a new saga in the franchise The Witcher.

The team has moved away from their own REDengine engine and is building a novelty already on Unreal Engine 5, “starting a long-term strategic partnership with Epic Games“. And CDPR acquired not only a license for the engine, but also the ability to make changes to it:

We will work together on the technical development of Unreal Engine 5 and, if required, potential future versions of Unreal Engine. The main goal of our collaboration with developers from Epic Games – adapt the engine for open world games.

Information about the terms of development and release date of the game CDPR utaila.

Addition from 20:11 Moscow time. Developers clarifiedthat cooperation with Epic Games does not apply to marketplaces: “We do not plan to be limited to any one store.”

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