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Weak of their eternal slumber, as quickly as great heroes have been imprisoned by the Null, bringing the wheel of the future beneath the mercy of darkish forces. Locked within the jail of Caissa, the heroic spirits are calling out to a brave Spiritcaller to avoid losing them. Are you ready to answer the choice to keep away from losing the Caissa and restore the glory of the earlier?

You may exert power over this world, controlling various Caissa and heroes. Kings will comply together with your command. Queens will lend their power to you. Bishops will chant hymns in your honor. Rooks will pave the most straightforward way in your navy. Knights will value any path you so want.

Open the door to a mystical new world, work alongside your fellow Spiritcallers, and be part of the battle in the direction of the Null who search to control historic previous. Your Caissa awaits your title, ready and ready to protect your glory and serve your information!

Checkmate Heroes Mod APK 1.0.10062 (Unlimited Gems)

I understand that you have to keep games interesting by updating. However, changing the mission team format from fighting 5v5 to 4v5 makes literally no sense. It was hard enough to beat higher lvls and now you make it even harder? I'd give 0 stars if I could. I'm officially done with the game. Nice graphics. More improvements in the future. It was good there new update is buggie and this game has zero customer support and it gets old fast. My game won't update if it don't work by tomorrow I'm just gonna delete. After update all my progress is loss.back to square 1.. What the actual hell? There's 2 games going on and it's overall pretty laggy..

Super misleading. I thought it was some puppy head save from bees nonsense that looked half decent, turns out it's that mixed with some half-baked chess rpg. I don't know man, just advertise what this game is and focus on a single thing. Way too confusing. Not many ads though, so that's cool.. Misleading ad. Confusing game play. What does chess have to do with drawing circles around dogs?. Game advertised as "draw to protect dogs" it completely leaves out that you have two entirely different games to play in order to continue the game that was advertised.. You're selling a wrong game. Cheater you are.. So disappointed. Out of nowhere suddenly account banned. Just playing the game normally, suddenly logged out and pop-up notification said this account is banned..

This is click bait and a terrible game, if i could rate it lower than 1 star i would. Not what is advertised this is a scam and false 5 star reviews. Reporting this game. Edit 1-11-23: This game and the team behind it are garbage. The reply from the "development team" to this shows how utterly incompetent they are and truly detached from reality. I hope they leave the gaming industry and never attempt to make another game for all of our sakes.. my id game missing. give me back my id queensado. server as-5.. It's mediocre. There's definitely room for more improvement. The graphics are just a bit off. It looks like it's not consistent with the design of the game. Maybe make it smoother and polish the whole game.. I can't claim the tittle. Even now i have 160k power. I can click and upgrade all other thing in this game , only HONOR HALL,is the problem. Need to forge in Guild .can't upgrade weapon to T3 . Please fix this. This is good game.. Storymode is good until you can no longer advance...Arena is Hot Garbage...5 vs 1 with ZERO damage...Timeout EVERY match...Losses non-stop...Avoid the Game like Covid until developers fix MAJOR issues! Edit- Numbers no longer matter...Wiping against mobs 7 lvls lower. Gear is irrelevant. 3000 gems for a 500% drop rate increase NEVER works. 15k gems and not a SINGLE epic! Don't waste your time with this game. Pure ripoff! I'd go -5 Stars if I could..

great game... i like it a lot. Misleading ads, I thought its just chess with awesome animation, thats what the ad shows. The game developers hasn't fixed the bug yet. Can't upgrade the heroes, can't forge equipments, can't play the pvp.. Wish I wuld stop locking up because it's an awesome game. Was a chess game, now it's some stupid dog game. Do not download. Scam. Scam. Scam..

Its fun for a little bit but the game has some major bugs and other issues still so a ton of folks just had to drop it awhile. Just bad luck on the global release overall since the first few days worked out great. One issue being you can still see blocked text when you block someone. Another being failed data saves or logins so you need to restart or w.e theres other problems with the games characters fighting mechanics also. Bugs etc they don't know how to fix. Caution jumping into this.. Why change the game? Totally change the main game.. This was a good game but now everything with the graphics are off, most collection areas are locking up, idle collect is no longer available, it says do not Uninstall but will it get fixed?. Nice game, but the developers are really bad. They keep changing the game and don't know how to that my f... up the players accounts. Just lost my account of one year, and no one can help.. so don't waste your time, do not download this game.. The USer Interface broke after first update... Unplayable now and event timers are ticking down. I feel like the money I spent was wasted since I cannot finish events now.... Total scam.. rate 0/8 much H8 M8..

Was enjoying until game become corrupted after being forced into playing another game.. Tried to get game back to playable state but didn't happen... had to uninstall n then lost everything.. Pff account lost since this update it is rinse and repeat I'm more annoyed at loosing a few weeks progress and money I spent in game sent report no one gets back 2 u when reporting bugs so screw u guys enjoy my money hope no 1 else gets suckered in and ripped off. Great game, unfortunately the game sort of crash suddenly. The game visual and layout completely crashed. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but my save game completely disappeared. So very disappointed.. Oh no,I loose my save game.. Upsetting it's not at all a chess game. It's a fun game but misleading. These designs would be awesome in a actual chess games. Plus no pre-registration award was awarded :/.

I downloaded it thinking it was the save the dog game it advertised but it was mostly a chess strategy kind of game. I'm not exactly sure what they are trying to do. No way the game for Save my Dog, anyways, the Chess game I love is idle-ised but still played, now this update they totally broke the game!!!. It works great and everything, but it's just really boring. Each level is exactly the same just different formations that do almost nothing. No terrain changes other than walls(that you can walk though) it's just really boring.. Yikes, big nope. Animations look like they're skipping frames.. Game is full of racist and hackers dude reason why i uninstall this few hrs a person poster racial slur and they posted on more then 1 occasions yea hell naw and few minutes ago infound out there hackers ingame as well WOW great jobs dev's u have a racist like game full with hackers dead now i reported it to playstore..WOULDN'T RECOMMEND AT ALL STAY AWAY AT ALL COST.

Hot. Garbage. Hard pass. More idle auto battling criznap.. WAS NOT THE GAME FROM THE AD, TRASSSSSSH. Basically another idle game I was looking forward to actual chess. Only rating cause I've seen a YouTuber play a game exactly like this where he was drawing things to protect dogs. Downloaded game, it immediately told me current version doesn't exist..

Horrible,was looking for something to play after autochess went full p2w this is just Horrible it's all the ads u don't want coupled with rng and 3/10 yourself the time it's SUCKS!!!!!!!!!. Nice game but poor tecnical support. I like the game, but only one thing thats make me lil bit anoyed with.. When the adventure or arena pvp or any gameplay, the pawn is stuck in the back and can't move pass through another pawn or hero.. Please fix it or make them smarter to take another way so they can move forward.. Thanks. Didnt get passed the tutorial. Art is too cartoony for me. Gameplay felt less engaging than first thought. Advertisement shows animated chess game, which the entire reason I downloaded it, and devs, don't say that "chess-based idle RPG" bs. I like the pieces, it's an interesting mix of legend and historical people, but the fact that it's literally just an idle battle thing is really disappointing. Really getting tired of these games using false gameplay to try and get downloads.....

This is not chess. If you are thinking this is a cool looking chess game, you will be highly disappointed.. Absolutely nothing like advertisement that suckered me into downloading this. Worst game ever.. every time they update the game, your account will be deleted even you log in using your gmail or have your account link your account will be restarted.. it happened to me twice... Got conned by this game's Facebook ad. This is not a chess game. Unable to install, what a waste of time.

its a good Game.. but not a saw in the advertise.. sorry... Not at all like the advert. Misleading ad. Advertisement says it is an animated chess game, but actual game is just an ordinary army battle game with typical UI and difficulty that forces you to pay money and watch tons of ad. Uninstaller in the first few minutes of playing. Do not download!. No need explaination its a great game. 1 star boring game and that's not the actual chess game like on the advertisement, that's not like the chess board game is to far.

This is not the game advertised.... It's a weird freemium unit game not a battle chess. This game give good experience to play eventhough still new. fun community in discord. The game play hard sometime, need to collect some resources for f2p, but thats the challenge. graphic also good. Keep going!. Is a fun game, although the game have some error are still buggy , but over is a potential game and fun , recommend to try it out. Was a great game till I lost all my progress, spent real money on this as well. False advertisement. Stop posting videos of differenr game just to clickbait..

Awesome after update my account gone highly not recommended all the money I put in that game and when try to login say's that there is no account like this.give one star because it's not allowed to give 0. I love this game but after the latest update i cant login to my account and had to restart, even though i've bound my account. After I update the game my level went back to level 1, I'm so disapointed.. why my game suddenly back to level 1 after the new update...????? give back my money.....!!!!!!!!!!. Used to love the game. after season 1 and with the latest update, it became a cash grab. not enjoyable anymore..

Hi Devs, please help me. My early account is disappear at any server after update... When i try to bound with my google acc as playing in new acc and new server, that's notif is "this google acc was occupied". Thanks for help.. The game is so great. I'll give it 5. You can play it free to play.. I updated back in to level 1. P2w game. Check the mall. Legendary heroes Selector available in cash shop and it resets weekly. No need to play hard. Just buy the selector hero and end the game.. 18-A IORA STREET AREA3 SITIO VETERANS Brgy bagong and 340 others Sent from my Huawei installed my account importante cloud account with my game show me first ya watch me now.

After the latest patch the game doesnt load anymore.. I don't know why there's so many low rating but the game is really great, base on my experience. You can always get elite heroes every 20 draw unique gameplay, gud new player event and pretty enjoyable evn tho the content in the game is not much you can still know that it have a great potential. The greatest thing for now is there's no paywalls modes or paywall heroes if you finding a new game that f2p friendly, enjoyable and don't need so much time to play this game is the one your finding.. Bug has been dealt with, decent game. Doesn't load just a black screen. I updated & it's still just a black screen.. Downloadable then says I didn't download it..

I would score it higher if it didn't keep crashing but it's got potential. Error messagle can not log in network unstable retry?. Can't log in on the game.. I like your game but as days pass after the first event there is nothing thing makes your game more playable many players quit because of lack in event and updates that the player waiting for, hoping of updates after a week or surely will quit. Overall the game is good and the drop rate the only problem is lack of content. It just showed that white "Gtarcade" in the screen then the rest was black screen. What is this trash?.

I waited 10 minutes not functioning. I uninstalled and installed again still the same. Wasting time!.

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