Codes New - Updated on July 6, 2022

Dedicated to all chess lovers – Chess Live, a chess simulator that combines many of the best qualities of its competitors, working out and removing all the shortcomings and negative points.

List of Gift Codes Expiration date
AW9BPYU65GN July 8, 2022
P9TG0AERVW August 12, 2022
HQOZR58EU July 21, 2022
1BJZP68XHKT July 25, 2022
LVEKX1YG0A9T August 1, 2022
5VZLJCEBKS7 July 20, 2022

If you consider yourself a chess professional, and you have no equal in the yard, and you “break off” to go to competitions, then this is what you need. Here you can meet the strongest opponents from all over the world. Who, just like you, installed this game for themselves in search of a strong chess partner.

Do not despair if you are new to chess and do not really know which pieces and where they should go, but you are generally unaware of different types of defense and attack. Because this application will help you gather your thoughts, teach you all the tricks of the game, help you choose game strategies and teach you how to defend yourself against skillful opponents.

For everyone else who has an idea about chess, but is not looking for glory or grandiose battles, this application will be a great opportunity to sit in silence and think about your own, interrupting periodically to make one more move in this ancient as the world, but nevertheless an interesting game. Elijah, if there is someone nearby who is confident in his strength and his victory, but there is no chessboard, then you can easily give him the opportunity to lose in this battle of wits.

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