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Chess Master King is a well-executed chess simulator for mobile devices. Beautiful chess and a large selection of electronic opponents are waiting for you.

Chess Master King Codes Wiki 22.09.26
List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
ES3IH7XFMKC August 15, 2022
6TXHRA7GQW August 16, 2022
9178T5BGF July 23, 2022
57SKQ6NA3R9 August 7, 2022
HAF1VNRYC4TU August 21, 2022
8F20YKC7IQU August 14, 2022

These chess will provide you with aesthetic pleasure and food for the mind. You can choose to your liking both the game board and the pieces from a rather extensive list of stylish options. The picture is clear, the figures are contrasting, they do not blur across the background in an attempt to become as three-dimensional as possible. The board also has only a top view and due to this it is perfectly visible. The highlighting of possible moves works. Separately, the moves that are fatal for a piece and those pieces of the enemy from which the danger comes are displayed.

Also in the game there are 30 charismatic electronic opponents that differ in avatar and set of characteristics. Additionally, you can set the level of difficulty.

The game has multiplayer for two people, so you can play a game with a friend or colleague.

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