Codes New - Updated on August 8, 2022

Chess With Friends: Free is a logic game for pair or team play. Arrange the pieces on the board, make moves according to the rules, checkmate your opponents.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
NR4CFIYAW5K September 14, 2022
9VQYSMWFC1 September 10, 2022
05T3J6D1Q August 22, 2022
ZNIUP6LK1BV August 28, 2022
HAMQL3TR964B September 14, 2022
8GFTJILOU15 August 9, 2022

Develop your logic skills with an application based on the classic game of chess. In the modern, frantic pace of life, it is difficult for a person to find time for interesting and useful leisure activities with his family. Classical chess has practically gone into oblivion, but the developers have adapted it to the realities of modern life. At any convenient time, on your smartphone, you can keep your brain from getting bored. The application is networked, which means that you can invite your friends or random players to the game. Tracking the level of opponents, you can choose who you would like to compete with in the game. It can be a beginner or an ace, it is possible to track his level by viewing his game or game statistics. To improve your game quality, choose the training mode. Here you can improve your skills with a chess coach both offline and online. The coach will suggest logical combinations that you can apply in the game with your opponent. By improving your level, you can arrange doubles tournaments, as well as massive games with several opponents.

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