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Chibi Island is not only a farm simulation or village farming sport: it’s an exhilarating jungle journey, the place you uncover misplaced lands and historical mysteries, clear up puzzles, and likewise benefit from an essential mission that solely chances are you’ll full! Dip inside the thrilling world of secrets – the island journey is already prepared for you!

So, what’s now? Let’s start our journey to the paradise island! Be part of a gaggle of brave explorers and help uncover the thriller of the Pyramid, a mystical artifact from ages earlier! You’ll have to settle in first, though. Uncover the jungle island, find the hidden treasure, and don’t forget to enhance and adorn your farm metropolis! Please befriend the island residents to permit them to assist in your adventures!

Chibi Island Mod APK 4.0523 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

So far cute game , does alot of freezing though. Takes too long to gain energy.. Bring island Experiment back. The Best Adventures & the most Beautiful Decorations . Better then any game on the net. I've been gaming since 2007. ALL GAMES ARE JUST CASH GRABS NOW. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE PLAYERS ( ESPECIALLY THE PAYING PLAYERS) OR IF WE'RE EVEN HAVING FUN. A PANDEMIC & A WAR MADE GAME OWNERS EVEN GREEDIER. WHERE'S YOUR HUMANITY? Lulu Love Yielding. Is very fun to pay keeps me entertained.. Fun way to pass some time. This game is ok, but it uses a lot of energy to do some things. Im sick of the game closing down. It keeps telling me to down load play market app. I have tried that..

I like the game for now,nice graphics and good bonuses.. I liked this before they updated, changed the name and deleted the original game. This game is not fun to me. Maybe because I replayed the old one 5 or so times and wanted to play it more, or maybe it just wreaks of cliche and boredom.. Exhilarating way to pass the time. Good game. a very relaxing game. Update is horrible the game took away everything I earned!!! Now I am practically starting over.

This game is so much fun. Good game good to pass the time. 2nd time download, all the annoying bug's gone. Worth the wait. Thank you. . love it cute and fun not stressful keep up the good work its cute fun doesnt take all day to do quests. cute little game easy to play. This game keeps you wanting to complete each task, keep it that way please. This is a relaxing game you want to keep exploring the Island the enegry that is used isn't making you use your enegry up so fast. Thank you..

why not had the chibi be more on finding odd stuff like long times homes too,. Ini game kenapa sih? Kenapa harus pake update ulang segala, padahal sudah level tinggi.... Jadi pengen uninstall aja, sebel banget deh..... Game is fun, nice quests, although could use a little more experence points lol.. It's a cute app, can't tell if it is a long-term game yet though.. This game is money hungry, they already had a version out and scrapped the original. For whatever reason, they "redid" the game, erasing everyone's prior progress, and made you start over. This is the games second release. It's clearly a cash grab and this company is shady as hell..

It is a cute slow paced game. Enjoyable. Just started the game and it already requires so much waiting and energy. Not enough energy for more than a few actions at a time. So glad after all these years this game is awesome. I love this game. Great fun!.

This game is so fun. I just hope the energy refills faster.. I really like the game but the energy goes way too fast. A few seconds and it's gone without doing hardly anything.. Basically this game is not bad. I kinda like it, but because it's for Facebook users and has that darn piggy bank. I quit.. Its easy, I found to have to spend money to get anywhere unless you want to wait for energy and then it's gone as fast as you get it...cost alot to explore and this game is nothing like the ADS they put on for this game, which I hate because it could be a very cool game if it was. Love this game it's amazing awesome game.

Very cute graphics and fun to build up your Island. . Game was great till had to update and ut took away the chest you get as well as taking away the beams so you cant progress with building and moving forward, plus also not having enough diamonds to be able to purchase bombs without having to spend your own money to get them and as you progress, energy gets used more as it gets higher to destory items for supplies, gets annoying after a while. Always something to do and easy to gain energy when you've run out.. Lost alot of stuff I had and now I can't do hardly anything but get point.. Started Great but now boring need's new Islands..

It needs more bombs it's fun then. A great game to play anywhere!. In my scale the only way to do things is to buy. No way to earn like play a game to earn extras. So far it is good but I just started playing. Your game calms me . I really like it..

I like it so far this is only my second day playing the game. Having fun can't get enough wish for more energy. I have started this game several times, through no fault in the game. The new play is a little harder because you need people to advance rather than getting to a new level or using coins to buy buildings,etc. It is still an engrossing and amusing game. I hope I can finally get to that that darned volcano one of these days. Good, I like it but don't like the change from level to number of visitors.. I'm sure this is a good game I just don't like energy games I'm not a patient person.

It's a really cute game. But there are so many things to do and not enough energy/energy boxes to do much. So of you want to play for a longer period of time, you can't. Unless you spend money.. Wish it wouldn't take so long for energy to fill up. I love this game I've played it when it first came out and I'm playing again I love the graphics and design. It deserves five stars the thing is is that you run out of energy to fast other then that it's a great game.. It would be nice to be able to trade with other players. This is a terrible game about a girl and her horse who are stranded on a desert island and they're both starving thirsty to death..

I'm new to it so I'm waiting to see. Really! This game crashes a whole lot of times on my phone . Even as small as the size of the game is, why does it crash so often? I can't keep up with this headache.. This game sucks. It wants you to buy buy buy and no freebies.. I just started playing this game so far, it is good.. It's more prompt than other games I like it.

So far so good. I just started an have it to very enjoyable. It's great so far!!!! Not sure about later on in progress.... I like the game it's good to play. I love Chibi Island. keeps me entertained.. Dean James Jr my son Angel .

This game is a rip off. Your not even to the next clue and their already asking for money plus they don't even tell you how to play the game. RIP OFF GAME!! DON'T FAIL INTO THEIR DRAP!!. Used to be fun, but the updates makes the game change, its supposed to be mysterious adventure game, But now its like a city build, poppulation based game. Uninstall , sorry. This new update won't allow me to make sweaters , amount other things I used to be able to make, no now I can't complete my quests!!! Not happy!!!. I loved this app. Til this last update. Now you can do anything. Love, love this game: how ever takes a lot of energy to complete anything and making a lot of products just for the making of one item..

It sucks now with the new update. Everything that I had before the update is lost and I have to level up again to get it back. So far it's OK, just started playing a couple of days ago. I would not give it any stars if I was able. After numerous times trying to get it to load it just wouldn't load. Got tired of waiting for a game to load that just keeps popping up error! Seemed like it would have been a good game but guess I'll never find out. Played the game for a year and earned differnt things by going up in levels to get on one morning and it was stripped away from me. They call it an upgrade being able to manage your farm more . Nope it is bs. I can longer make many things I was bale to before. You now have to buy things from the shop and get more residents on your island . Don't waste your time . If you like it now they'll just change it.. UNINSTALLED YOUR STUPID GAME, I CANT MAKE ANY WINDOWS CAUSE OF NEEDING 150 RESIDENTS WHICH IS STUPID. GOODBYE YOU JUST LOST A PLAYER AND I HOPE YOU LOSE MORE PLAYERS.

Hate the new updates I had my windows finally unlocked and now they are locked again how can I finish my buildings if I have to add more people leave things alone I'm not rich and can't just throw money into the game because you want to have terrible updates. If your game cannot succeed without scantily clad women in the ad then you deserve to fail.. Wish we had a another way of getting energy of not use so much to chop down trees. I am enjoying this game very much. The colors and grafics are great.. Downloaded it won't even load keeps saying maintenance in progress, so I deleted it..

In all my years of gaming I have NEVER seen a developer screw their players like what took place with this upgrade !. Was good until last update. Do all the work to level up and have the ability to make more things. Just to lose half of those items with the new update. Now I need to buy decorations to get more "friends" so that I can get back some of the things I could make before. It's like starting all over again, just with more of the space cleared.. I love game you have to buy a lot things wish it was energy free so we can enjoy the game. The game was fun when everything was unlocked by levels but NOW everything is unlocked by the people you have so everything i already had unlocked is all of a sudden locked again because i didnt have enough people. So im uninstalling the game because now i cant do any deliveries because i cant make anything for them. Its beyond irritating.. Why?Don't appreciate bein blocked from my game & brought here to start at the beginnin of "new" version without warnin. It's June 14th, 2021 found out two days ago no further development would be happenin for IslandExperiment... but no where did they say shut down all together &no longer playable. started the game a few years ago but was nowhere near finished with the storyline they already put out. Nov.26,22 newest update set me back, can no longer produce unlocked goods for lack of residents.

There is to many clitches in the game buildings disapear have to restart game everytime. Most recent update has reversed my progress!!! First the orginal IE is just replaced with CI & years of progress are lost. Then I begin CI & I progressed so far I've been WAITING MONTHS for new archipelago(s) to drop; which hasn't occurred. Now the game updates & I've lost the ability to produce items I've had? Crates of Watermelons? Can't produce. Silk? Can't produce. Unless I build more houses? Updating the game is fantastic MOST of the time but reversing players progress isn't cool.. I will only play chibi island on my PC like thousands of others so you are missing out on a big return. Have tried it seems okay but will not play it anymore on small hand held devices, It needs to be on PCs. I just came back on after nearly three years to see if on PC but no i found a stupid remark to my i will not play on hand held just my pc...We hope you enjoy playing it on your device. Can they not read cannot get on PC so good game ruined. BRING BACK ISLAND EXPERIMENT... this new update forced you uninstall this type developer game forever. They're making it so you have to buy items to finish the new games. I am thinking about deleting this game because of the money. Being on a fixed income I don't have any extra money..

I am enjoying the game so far i gave it 4 stars because it would nice to find energy when clearing areas..

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