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Chinese Recipes: Panda Chef – mix different ingredients, invent new dishes, please visitors and reveal your culinary skills!

Chinese Recipes: Panda Chef Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
39PVFE7J04C January 5, 2023
7LK2ZBT1JS February 4, 2023
CV45D7IJY February 19, 2023
NGTDY9SQ12E January 19, 2023
BES465ZMVFCI February 2, 2023
WP9S6H01V25 January 18, 2023
JAVQ02G8W41 February 27, 2023
J6CYM1XASI January 3, 2023
91ZQWMT0E January 25, 2023
O9JB67NCWGE February 13, 2023
HWJ0L3TF5OM1 February 18, 2023
KLCU0AW2T1E February 2, 2023

Unleash your skills as a chef or cook with this fun app. Cute panda Kiki is hungry and you have to feed her in one of the restaurants. You are offered a choice – noodle, dumpling, confectionery and Chinese restaurant. In every restaurant, as a chef, you will find the right ingredients. The game is not only entertaining, but also helps you to study each product separately, understand how it looks and what it is called. With the help of household appliances, you can easily mix or prepare a ready-made dish. Your visitors, coming for delicious food, always know in advance what they want. Look carefully and you will understand what they need. By pleasing them, you will receive the coveted reward in the form of gold coins. Mix different ingredients, add zest to your dishes and surprise your customers!

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