Game New - Updated on January 4, 2023 is a worldwide fashion free-to-play sport that has only one objective: to destroy the enemies in entrance of you. You can choose a variety of characters to add experience and energy value; they have a variety of experiences and kits. Battle with totally different opponents to be the ultimate in survival games, and it’s important that you be sturdy and sound. Mod APK 1.0.46 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

Nice game, but too much adds fr. TIDAK MEMILIKI CLOUD DATA GAME UNTUK DISIMPAN. Excellent game to play offline quick and challenging just the way I like it five to you guys. This is good so i give five star . I will give five stars to "chop io" because it's good to play, and most of all offline, that's all thank you. The game is an ok battle royal game... But would like the game has an Option that it can be played in a Landscape mode... Having a very difficult time playing in Portrait mode....

Cool game boii I wish u could make a server need I'd code to play each other. I love this game and you xan upgrade the wepons and I give it a five star. Can you pls make a lan multiplayer or online play where we can play with friends. Well this game is treerriibblee back sg YY the first one YY the first one in YY and the y on the way back from the conversation with the boss back sg on the way back from the conversation with the boss who was a bit not friendly and a good one to me is a good one to me is a good one to y the ball with his first class on Thursday as they were the one we book off the night for him to get a card back sg on the way back from the night with the boss who. Awesome, try this game if you a nice gamer at this.

Plz add some new sword because This is good but need update. I miss this game And I give five stars . No apdets game sigod please no apdets. I give this four stars because it has too much ads and please fix it but the game is good so I rate it four stars.. I can't get over the 75 and I'm annoyed please help me.

I like this games so much install know I promise you love it this games. Very very nice game. Don't any issues in the is better as arena of valor. Tnx editors . I couldn't login through my Facebook ,,please help me,i can not see a Facebook login option. If u uninstall this app,you won't get ur old data back. This game is fun I like to play a lot And I can also get a lot of levels.

Not bad, managed to reach max lvl 75 in two days here, its not hard. Ads aren't too bothersome and its good. I love this game more than anything it's amamammamazzzing best game, made ever I spent 700 hour on this game. Lololololol Itituryyryut8 and I am going. OMG This game is awesome ill give 1 million out of 10,this game Is fabulous and perfect for me thanks for making it love thegame thank you again. this is my first best game but if its online how it will be.

My newfavorite game its somany ads but im happy il off the data or wifi now not so many adds. bad game soooo much i love this game ever ever x2 ahhh what i said. I love this game so much. It's a very difficult game, but it's a nice entertaining game for me. Pls can you add landscape mode it's good app.

It's fun but it is also bugging and the controller is hard. Whenever i attack while moving the joystick is not moving so my enemy will kill . J P N SARVODAYA VIDYALAYA GOPALPUR BAREILLY UP, BAREILLY. This comment is for those who want new weapons, you merge 2 level 65 weapons, you get a level 66 sword! Which is so mysterious that its name isn't even translated in English! Now I am on level 70 knife. No need to beat bosses. Just an unspoken feature that YSO Corp hasn't told. (100 percent real feature no mods). Btw a very awesome game and if you don't want ads, just turn off mobile data. I like your game but it cant rotate and it ALWAYS HAD log.

Almost every move need to see the ads, very annoying, uninstalled. The game is very good I like the unlimited coins and mixing items I love it 100/10000 to this game. It's a time killer game and I like it. I tap so hard that I instant kill everyone. Jai Po Po Po or B's.

Good game but controls are pretty difficult it will be a lot good if it will sideways. It's great game but it's pretty lagging for me cause my phone it's old and the control are bad and other things it's no so well game sorry.... No option to disable vibrate. Do you people even test your game ??. It's a fun game but the controls are kinda difficult. If the game was sideways it would be whole lot better. Love gam but I wish you can keep your when you upgrade I had thor hammer and then I upgrade and I did not keep thor hammer so please fix it..

Its a good game and its really addicting . Ilove this game i got max weapons and it got some skills i love it. This game cool i win so many games and that main two things mix he make battle with mix games in one idea Gg i love u. Cant change outfit. No have skin unlock or leveup. Not change rank mode and map . I want this game becouse nice.

This is gooooooooooooooooood gggggggggaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmeeeeeeeeee I love this app I play this app in masanger. I hate this game worst io game ever. Very good game I playing this game from facebook. I love this game but we need pets and battle Royale mod and land escape and killing some bosses and chat in the public and do this plan please. Iblike this game 5 stars to thr app n 20 stars for the developers.

We need in this game landscape mode because it is so hard to control.and need more characters and maps.also keep up the good work . It is better than other .io games. I would like to use it in landscape mode can you guys change it landscape mode. The chop io its so god.

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