Codes New - Updated on December 31, 2022

Horror lovers – rejoice, because a special New Year’s edition of Five Nights has been released for you, with a festive name – Christmas Night Shift – FREE. This time Santa Claus and his irreplaceable elf assistant will come to you.

Christmas Night Shift FREE Coupon Codes (2023 January) 1.9
All Codes Expiration date
ZA1FX6NOPY9 January 1, 2023
T8CXQBZE2U January 29, 2023
3KSU4IQN7 January 8, 2023
YJD5ZV9AIG4 January 11, 2023
X69HZVSCUGJD January 11, 2023
WDB4TLRXAG9 February 16, 2023
VS8IU9HXCG1 February 25, 2023
MWUQVXAB5F January 29, 2023
2QWMI5AXC February 5, 2023
IU7ZXETK4JA February 2, 2023
HSIEWCRQ3J9N January 16, 2023
P7R6QG2CMVA January 15, 2023

As usual, you have to spend 5 nights as a night watchman. Doesn’t it bother anyone that people constantly disappear from this position? If not, then go ahead – step into the night shift and … pray.

This time you have to become a night guard in a suburban psychiatric hospital. At night, when everyone fell asleep and there was silence, you will hear someone rustling along your corridors. They said on the radio that you should be more careful, because a maniac was noticed in the vicinity.

Control the doors from your office and try not to let the evil Santa and his Christmas helpers get to you and gut the guard on the table. You can watch almost all areas of the hospital, but sometimes, thanks to the tricks of evil and dangerous Christmas creatures, the cameras may not work. But you have two more layers of protection – these are motion sensors that track movements throughout the hospital, as well as sensors that are triggered when someone moves from room to room. All these systems were needed to monitor patients, but tonight – only they can save your life.

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