Game Mobile - Updated on June 5, 2022

The game has now been updated, so please download it quickly. Another problem is that it is often updated on CH Play. A well-known retailer that offers avid gamers many great games. It is standing at the forefront comes with huge recognition. So players can imagine and press the download button right away on their mobile devices.

Regarding the content of Chrono Legacy: Strategy RPG, it revolves around the battle for dominance. An elite army was chosen by the king. Will characterize the tension of the navy when fighting completely different opponents. These warriors are brave and determined. Along with pure experience for battle, they are very full in every feature.

Chrono Legacy

Hero Recruitment

Buy yourself, high-quality heroes, right now. Quite a few warriors are divided into completely different star ranges. Additional stars, additional proof they are powerful warriors. And to have heroes with such overflowing vitality. Moreover, you need a source of luck and abundance.

Attribute enhancement

Chrono Legacy owns a large number of resources, it is best to invest in this activity. Therefore, it will give the staff warriors a significant boost in combat vitality. In case your hero is in a nasty state. Then upgrading the stats will give you versatile attributes. It can help increase the team’s combat vitality.


Create the ultimate phrase strategies in your Chrono Legacy game. Each time you modify the position of the minions. That will also be known as a primary method. The change, no matter how small, can directly affect the overall outcome of the game. So make your decision sooner than change.

Download ( V3.2 )
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