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I hear a quiet cry inside the evening time yard of Cinderella. The ball is about to start. Nevertheless Cinderella’s ball gown is torn and stained! Using the flexibility of moon magic, fill all mini-games and help Cinderella get to the ball! Make a little bit of a girl’s dream come true. Help a little girl get to the ball and switch into a precise fairy princess!

Sorry for not introducing myself instantly. My title is Fairy Godmother. Now I am caught inside the Academy of Miracles and might help Cinderella. Can I depend upon you? Plunge right into an enchanting world of riddles and puzzles, complete duties, and participate in the plot’s progress; a little bit of a girl turns right into a fairy princess.

Cinderella New Story Mod APK 1.8.4 (Free Unlocked)

Good. one of many games and one of many movies eye enjoy watching at home wish this one was this movie that would be cool. verygood. Cute game but I was going to give up but I love the game Cinderella is cute so I give it a five star I'm still struggling but with help from Cristina and marhi I can't thank them enough to help me with the game. i do love cinderella new story game. Learn more.

This is the most disgusting, rubbish game I ever have seen and I think this rubbish game have made by very unqualified,very illiterate types of someone else who doesn't know that how to make game and entertain any game player, such a awful . This game is fun. Waiting for update. Really good game just waiting for more stories level games needs updating. won't let me link up to my Facebook account.

Enjoying the game just made a purchase of the apprentice pack game crashed checked bank account and money has come out please can help. Its only gone and done it again warning don't buy anything until glitch is sorted. Please can you tell me when the next update as I can carry on as it saying coming soon thanks. fun to play ideal for all little girls. fantastic game with lots to play. enjoyable game.

Passable I've never liked games that force you to play with infinite lives. The game doesn't have enough moves to levels to finish them, add rainbow ball blaster to blowup bombs, more pets and fix notifications so uou know when lives are full and update the game. I love this game but takes far too long for updates waited ages for update thinking of deleting. It's a addictive game, can't wait 4 the the next stage. So nice game.

The game is fun, the play along required for the storyline takes up too much time, I don't need to make eggs or paint a swing. The biggest issue is the updates, this is the 2nd time I've been forced to wait, it's been a week, and nobody in support will answer me..!!! So frustrating, I'm looking for a new game similar to this one that updates before I finish their storyline!!. it is fun and great. STILL A WAITING updates,so fed up with this thinking of deleting game. Good game relaxing. It's a good game but few levels are gone then update version is seen...that's please avoid the update version from completing of one level.

Wondering when more levels will be available to play. Is this going to occur sooner rather than later, or am I better off deleting the game because I can't go any further? It's been a couple weeks now since I finished current levels.. fun. There are way too many updates and. . Waiting for the update how long will it take.. Yet AGAIN waiting for another update. You say it was done in done in January but there has been NO changes... Thinking of deleting this game I'm so annoyed.

Found it good till I tried typing all the numbers in that made no difference... Awesome game its cool. I like the game but I'm like everyone else waiting for the game to update. Went to Google play and there's nothing to update. So I'm thinking about deleting the game. FIX IT NOW . not working. Been waiting for an update now for 5 weeks now can't be bothered anymore.

Cant play no more stories right now needs to wait for update. What happened to the game?...Am going to delete the game since I can't play. Great game but I am waiting for the update to happen I have 90 moons and cannot advance forward. I'm still waiting for the new update. Love it. Good quick thinking game with good graphics and good gameplay skills..

I'm fed up with waiting for the levels to be accessible,,. Very good. Very enjoyable and relaxing and fun.. Good game. Waiting too long for update so I can continue with the game.

Love this game. I like this game so much . I do like playing Cinderella magic adventure game.. Love it. Looked like a good way of passing the time until, you realise at the beginning you are using up your moves being shown how to play the game! A skip button would be great and let us work it out ourselves..

Early in but fun so far. I enjoyed the experience, but when the game just ends; to be continue with an update. When the update isn't there to game, that's disappointing. It has spoiled my game I may decide to delete this app as it concluded. Yes I enjoyed the game.. Fun puzzle game, easy to learn and play, nice graphics, interesting stories an alternative to known classics, could use more moves very easy to run out.. Cant play, need update to continue, when will we get the update. On level 283. I am only on level 33 and I should have known I was wasting my time as it is impossible to clear this level, it is the most boring game I have played and now I going to uninstall it rubbish rubbish !!!!!!!!!!!.

Was enjoying it, up to level 200 +, AND WAITING FOR UPDATE TO CONTINUE, how long is this Going to take. Should l just uninstall game, Not Happy. Have been waiting over a week for a response from your support team, they are not bothered at all about the players. Really good fun to play. Very good game. Nice game but won't like u update game when u need to.

When is the new update coming. Too many updates. This game is great hope it doesn't get to hard. Hope not!!. It's okay but I can't go any further. Needs updates.. Nice game.

Started this game like it so far. Game sowly ga vastundha adhe sare cheyadhe. So far it's all good. Good. Fun.

It's an awesome game...I'm hooked. Have gone as far as I can in the game been waiting for ages on the next update so I can continue to play. Though if it doesn't come soon I may just delete it.. 2 hard but good with help with every power up now and again. Ew. I cant play as it says need update the game... what a sh....

Great. Its a good game but waiting to update is taking to long.. PLEASE UPDATE THE GAME. Fun. Enjoyable experience x.

I enjoy playing it when I can, but can't play it if you don't updates. Sweet game . Fun little game very addictive. How do i update this game !!!. Very good game although getting frustrated waiting for the update to add more levels!.

Not very impressed i am up to level 200 and something and have 30 moons sitting there and $1100 or something like that and keeps telling me that story will continue after update there is no update to do and when try to get onto them they just ignore me so if they fixed this or actually answered i would have given it 4-5 stars but due to this can only give 1. Too early to tell but is ok so far.. It won't work. First time playing the game accually really good. Great fun.

Great game has a great story to it. This game is impossibly hard! I have played level 42 over and over again and cannot pass the level. If this keeps up I will uninstall.. I update one month ago but when i get on the game it tells me to update . This is not very good. Great game. When will Cinderella be updated it's been ages now.

Like the game but now can't play it until it's updated???!!! When will the new update go online?. I like this game but it takes to long to change screens. Good game once up pick it up you just can't put it down. Great game fast paced love it. It's an alright game. But I won't be investing in this game. I'm not crazy about it..

Best game ever xxxx. So far I'm enjoying this gam. Great game. very enjoyable, nice to see the development of items that are incorperated within the story.. So good.

Just started playing I'm enjoying it. It good for what I played up to now. Fun game. I am enjoying this match 3 game. Even though I am at level 8 or 9 I am finding it challenging at times I find the characters such as Tic Toc adorable.. Fun to play but sometimes very hard ( if impossible!) to get by levels. Especially for young kids..

Fun. I think the tasks cost too many stars or I would give it 5. My favorite cartoon character. Love this game. Excellent.

Fantastic. Brilliant for you all. Not bad game.. Its a good game apart from each task takes to many stars. 15 stars just to clean a floor so 5 levels need completing for each task. People will get bored very quickly :-(. So far, so good.

Ok. I enjoyed it and its over, very less game.. The game is good and I like it but some of the levels are hard so therefore I find it a bit disappointing that u don't get a daily reward/freebie as most games do that. This must be the 1 and only I have played that doesn't give you a daily reward/freebie it would help. Fun game. Like the match 3 game.

I like the story of Cinderella and the game is good too. Cute graphics. . . Well I just started so let's see how we go. Really enjoyable.

So far so good. But have just started playing.. Movement is very slow. So far so good no annoying ads which is refreshing for a change.. Happy. fun game.

Ok. It is a good game an the story is good. Already addicted. I don't know why they advertised it to be a game where you get to make choices when exactly is just three in a row match game.. Very cute and love the plot .

Very good. Hard but ok, I haven't been playing for long but hopefully it will be good. Just started playing and have to say I am really enjoying it...a lot. It's fun yet challenging but not so hard one gets frustrated. Best part, thus far NO ANNOYING ADS, popping up constantly, so huge plus there. Well done!Edit: HAD to come back and change 4* to 5*. Absolutely hooked on it!!. Great game play, challenging but not discouraging and not a single ad so far. Highly recommended!!!. Very addictive and fun to play. Always run out of boosts and have to spend so much. Needs too many moons until finish the job/quests.

Love it. Cute but kinda frustrating. Loving the game characters and the story line, the only thing irritating me is how many moons you need to collect to progress. Matching is as always, easy throughout and getting progressively harder.. Nice cute girlie game.

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