APK - Updated on January 6, 2023

Are you familiar with the Cinderella story? Take part in the legendary story: the beauty needs to be done from the ball in order to be found by the handsome prince. All girls will love this game. The active part of the game is to overcome the zigzags of the stairs of the palace, where the ball takes place. Be smart and careful, don’t let Cinderella fall down the stairs. Clever and beauties manage to do everything, and escape from the ball, and earn magic crystals. Collect colored stones, earn points.

Cinderella: Way Home  MOD APK (Last Update)

Play online, show your friends who is the fastest to run away from the ball. Control Cinderella with gestures. With each level, the task becomes more difficult, you need to run quickly and productively, do not miss the magic stones of Aunt Godmother.

Bright colorful game interface will appeal to all lovers of fabulous and beautiful games. Well-designed graphics will allow you to consider all the details of the interior. You can choose how your character will look like. Choose an outfit for Cinderella to your liking. In which dress will you be the fastest to run down the ornate steps? Find your lucky shade and earn maximum points!

If you love beautiful arcade games, then Cinderella. Way home you will definitely like it. Play on your own or with friends. Enjoy the victories of your little escape heroine.

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