News - Updated on March 25, 2022

Two weeks have passed since the release – and in the piggy bank Core Keeper already sold half a million copies. Not a bad result for an indie game from Steam Early Access!

The path to the current bar:

  • March 8 – release.
  • March 10 – 100,000 copies.
  • March 14 – 250 thousand copies.
  • March 21 – 500 thousand copies.

Besides, Core Keeper reached almost two million hours watched on Twitch and entered the list of entertainment officially supported by Steam Deck.

The game still continues to update its peak online – three days ago it increased to 34,508 users. Store Rating Valve became slightly lower, but remains very high – 91% based on 5,210 reviews. Finally, for two weeks in a row, the game enters the Steam sales chart.

Recall Core Keeper is a 2D sandbox like Terraria, only with a top view. The game will leave early access during 2022. We wrote more about it here.


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