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City Island 5 is the fifth installment in which you must do everything you can to turn an ordinary, lifeless island into a rapidly growing city. In this section, even more, build options will be available. At the beginning of the game, you find yourself on a tropical island, practically nothing survives, except for a few animals. From this point start your epic build.

City Island 5 mod

To get started, you have to create some houses where people will live. After the first settlers appeared, you had to make sure that everyone got a chance to work. To do that, it is necessary to create businesses first. It can be factories, factories, various engineering enterprises, etc. From now on, the city begins to develop, it will be necessary to build new types of residential buildings, factories, factories, enterprises, energy companies, etc.

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After the first conditions for living and working in the game City Island, 5 are created, you need to take care of the entertainment of your citizens. For these purposes, you can create entertainment venues such as bars, restaurants, various dance clubs, etc.

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Remember, all of this will require money, but you can forget about it, because the game has a mod for a lot of money, thanks to which you can safely develop from the very beginning. play. If you achieve your goal, then after a while your small town will turn into a real prosperous metropolis.

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