City Island 6: Building Life Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 29, 2024

City Island 6: Building Life is a popular mobile game where players can create their own virtual city on a beautiful island. To progress in the game, players need special codes to unlock various features, buildings, and resources. These codes are often shared by the game developers on social media or forums. By using these codes efficiently, players can expand their city, attract more inhabitants, and create a thriving urban paradise.

New valid for City Island 6: Building Life Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Obtain a shiny diamond to enhance your building's features in City Island 6. 2. Unearth a treasure chest filled with valuable gold and gems for your city. 3. Equip your city with top-quality equipment for better infrastructure and growth. 4. Earn extra money to invest in expanding your urban landscape in City Island 6.
Get Code 1. Golden statue of prosperity 2. Bag of precious gems 3. Rare mythical equipment 4. Chest full of valuable gold coins 5. Shiny diamond encrusted crown
Get Code 1. Rare artifact to boost city development. 2. Bag of gold coins for luxurious upgrades. 3. Special construction blueprint for advanced structures.

City Island 6: Building Life Tier List

Tier List for City Island 6: Building Life

S Tier - Top-Tier Buildings:
1. Skyscrapers - These tall buildings provide a high population boost and generate significant income. They are essential for expanding your city quickly.
2. Landmarks - Landmarks are iconic structures that attract tourists and improve the overall value of nearby buildings. Investing in landmarks can greatly benefit your city.

A Tier - Strong Buildings:
1. Luxury Apartments - These high-end residential buildings provide a steady income stream and attract wealthy citizens to your city.
2. Universities - Universities provide education to citizens, unlocking higher-level buildings and boosting the overall happiness of your residents.

B Tier - Solid Buildings:
1. Parks - Parks improve the aesthetics of your city and increase the happiness of nearby residents. They are essential for maintaining a balanced and harmonious city.
2. Power Plants - Power plants generate electricity for your city, ensuring that all buildings have access to essential utilities.

C Tier - Average Buildings:
1. Office Buildings - Office buildings provide medium income and employment opportunities for citizens. They are useful for diversifying your city's economy.
2. Factories - Factories produce goods for your city and generate income. While important for the economy, they can also generate pollution if not managed properly.

D Tier - Weak Buildings:
1. Low-Income Housing - Low-income housing provides a basic level of housing for citizens but generates lower income and happiness compared to other residential buildings.
2. Fast Food Restaurants - Fast food restaurants provide a quick source of income but have limited benefits for your city in the long run.

F Tier - Underperforming Buildings:
1. Abandoned Buildings - Abandoned buildings decrease the overall value of your city and reduce the happiness of nearby residents. It is crucial to address abandoned buildings promptly to maintain the health of your city.
2. Polluting Industries - Polluting industries generate income but also produce harmful pollution that can negatively impact your city and reduce the overall happiness of residents. It is recommended to limit the presence of polluting industries in your city.

Note: The tier list is subjective and may vary based on individual playstyle and strategy in City Island 6: Building Life.

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