Codes New - Updated on August 11, 2022

CivCrafter is a rather unexpected combination of strategy and elementary clicker. Create your own state, manage it, declare wars with just one finger.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
LK1ZD89E6SF August 23, 2022
4O6BNT7UJD August 25, 2022
UFRIY1GLC September 5, 2022
D6I81H3XCOT September 11, 2022
N0CGDMKYQ9O5 August 10, 2022
JHO9NZWKI1X September 17, 2022

You will get the opportunity to develop your civilization almost from scratch. Get resources and food by tapping your finger on the screen on a special tab. On the extracted resources you will be able to feed your subjects and build their homes. At first, of course, they will have to live in huts, but strong cozy houses are just around the corner, you just need to make a little more effort.

Hire people to work to provide your state with everything you need. Build outbuildings: food storage barns, stone pits, leather workshops, temples. Do not forget about the cemetery: the population is not eternal, you need to pay tribute to the departed.

Develop further and hire an army. From archers and swordsmen up to dragons, if only there was something to feed! Declare war on your neighbors and expand the territory of your kingdom, equip and protect new lands. Establish a life in them and again send the population to fight.

What ruler will you become: a liberal or a tyrant? Will you choose the tactics of peaceful development and the comfortable existence of your subjects or a military aggressor spending astronomical sums on the army? It’s up to you to decide, because this is your civilization!

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