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Who will be the king of the golden age in the world of Civilization Founder? An invincible ancient king once defeated the names of terror. That could be the reincarnation of the players in this app. Transform into ancient kings to rule the army of iron armor. Defeat invaders from the vicinity. Use your gray matter to get rid of all crazy thoughts. Turn the invaders into the worst losers. Give them a taste of suffering from your sword.

Civilization Founder

List of Civilization Founders Codes

Creating content is quite attractive, so since the game’s launch, it has attracted a lot of users. They come and experience only thanks to a plot of ancient antiquity. When human civilization was not as advanced as this. At that time they still only fought through rudimentary objects such as swords, maces, etc. Join a king to conquer the world.

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Defeat the biggest enemies you face. Although it has just been released, I believe that this strategy game will be a challenge for you. Reward your efforts with convincing victories. Starting now you can build and develop your land in style. Holding great power, rule in the most correct way.

Civilization Founder Mod


Just how to use the troops to help you protect the kingdom. Combined with that is the strategic gameplay is diverse and very easy to get used to. Players can also experience how playtime management. At any cost, let’s build everything from empty hands. Remote facilities create thousands of lavish training places. To help develop your army.

Exploit resources from the lands that the player sets foot on. The enemies you defeat will earn you quite a bit of fuel. Which word is used in strengthening military power? As well as upgrading the infrastructure of your kingdom. Becoming a true king is too easy if you successfully apply the above effective way of playing.

Civilization Founder Codes

Basic Features

  • Epic

Experience the fascinating epic storyline of Greece. Where the kings are held in the exclusive control of the country. Every word is a death command that must be realized. Therefore, the epic recorded the total dictatorship of the previous kings. This is also a note to avoid in developing your country’s economy.

  • PVP 

Confrontation with gamers of different levels. Players must bravely face gamers of different levels. From there draw blood and blood experience for yourself. The more you fight, the more resources you get. Plus it will complete the events of the game.

Hack Civilization Founder

  • Automatic

Idleness is an essential feature of one or more games of the strategy genre. Because only the player needs to arrange the warriors before the match begins. The rest is fully supported by the system. Just sit and enjoy the battle through the mobile screen. Finally, players only need to receive rewards for their efforts.

It’s as simple as that, but have you dared to claim to break the game? Try it once by downloading the experience.

Download ( V13.0.1 )
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