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A model new MMOSLG based on the world of Sid Meier’s Civilization 5. Play your means by using the ages, and choose your path to victory! Will you win by the use of Domination, Custom, or Science? Recruit historic leaders spanning 14 civilizations. Draw on the information of the world’s trailblazers and stand side-by-side with them in battle. Experience the fun of regular recreation on the cell with Civilization Reign of Power!

Civilization Reign of Power Mod APK 100038.0.0 (Unlimited Money)

Game data resets after each season which last approximately 2 months. So if you are a fan of starting from level 1 all over again every 2 months, please do join. If not stay away from this game. Game lucknut force close terus.. koneksi lancar tapi tiba2 close... Excellent game ruler standing in front of city Hall very creative hope can view members inside of their base( Sorry for now I would like to delete this after update start over again one star or now ver disappointed ). Full of bug that's make me cant go through the next stage. Reinstalling cause i lost my save. Not recommended so unstable.. I can't scout fog areas, please fix it. I wish that we can see more animations in game. Although the game is on top but Ig we need to see more stuff going on surroundings.

Can't enter exploration, please fix it. the update, new season, back to zero? goodbye! Latest update is failure.. cant use daily ads reward.. play & suddently detect suspicious data... Mediocre. New season reset almost everything, taking all gamers back to square one. Total waste of time. Stay away from this game.. Why it was okay,now the loading screen stuck on 54%...until this is fix i will remain 1 star.

Game is interesting but there are very frequent maintenance that impact gameplay.. Why server maintenance take so long??. how many time u'r need to maintenance in 1 day??? . Very poorly Built App by Nexon... I guess Koreans now believe making money from any means without a complete product is totally acceptable . Install this game only if you want to experience how a incomplete and mindless dev plans actually looks like. Pity the people who have clicked "Buy" button till now.... RIP. Game imbalance. After 1 season, only less than 10% of players remains. Do not waste your time on this.

I need to review my rate to this game cause the dev are very responsived to some problem cause by bugs in the game, i invite all competitive players out there to try this game. This is a great game for p2p and f2p very balance game to all kinds of moody players. Hope you all try this and experience it on your own. See you in the game guys.. I love how it's not really pay to win, and it's a fairly nice game. Not too complex, just nice. However, it's very buggy, and recently I had to reinstall the game for it to load.. Great ideas with bad implementation. Boring af. There's minigame but the silver rewards were useless. There's science and culture path but it's useless. There's exploration but too repetitive and slow. Just the same generic alliance p2w. Tried to download but it says it's under maintenance. I don't know if it's just my timing but it was a waste of my time downloading the app.. Legit game from 2k, with different play style..

This game stuck at opening screen, how to fix this?. seriously ? Why always under Maintenance . I got dissapointed again with NEXON after you remove Darkness Rises. Can't start game, loading screen stuck at 54%!. It is not available in my region. The game is good, so far. Just played it fot a couple of hours, so not so much to review yet. Will update my review after much longer play time. As for now, I can say is this game is very good. Detailed graphics, superb engine and enjoyed to play..

1 star My Problem: PM Messages - everytime i send a PM and close the PM square the message just disappear normally that would be fine if the message is only a short as it'll pop up the Chat heads but because of the Restrictions of words in the game i would sometimes need to cut the messages in to two which leads to the receiver not seeing the whole message which is quite irritating please fix it. Edit: this was originally a 3 star but now 1 because the problem keeps stressing me out. Had a bug several times and filed support request. All I got in return each time is "forwarded to dev" and ticket marked as solved, which is no help at all. How is it solved when the player isnt given any instructions on how to resolve the issue? Ok game but the bugs are annoying (chat has too many banned words its very hard to chat even with full english words you dont even know what word caused it -- private chat is atrocious tou can only see the last message and not any other previous ones). Pls don't send me link pls. The game is good but the devs needs to fix the bugs and give the players to get vip for free for loggin in just like all other strategy not just buying only through cash.. So many bugs. I can't get my three free normal recruitment ticket from monument building for 4 days straight. I already finished some mission but can't claimed the unclaimed reward or the notification is there but the progression is not going anywhere. If you play the puzzle game in museum you also can found the bugs, some tiles of the puzzle is not occupied rightly, there's a missing part on the puzzle. I could go on and on. conclusion, this game is buggy and didn't bring justice to free player.

No need to use brain, just keep on pressing button as required.. the game crash all the time. Game ini membosankan dan kurang user friendly, tidak direkomendasikan... Its five star for me because its noy laggy no ads and its realistic i hope you make more updates so the game will be nice to play and great thank you. I Hate This Company Since They Neglected Combat Arms And Probably Other Games Like This One.

Hi, i tried to setup this on my Tab A7 Lite, always failed. Already has storage space and updated OS, why is it still not succceed?. I think there should be a system or mechanic implemented that would allow some sort of trade or import/export system between players or city states or whatever like in the acrual civ games. That way we would be able to trade food and other resources for Gold, so we wouldnt have an influx of food, silver or other resources with nothing to do with them as we're already using both our construction/upgrade slots. After downloaded only stated not available in my region, then you should not let me download in the first place. Tangina wag kang mag ads dyan report kita. It says compatible with this device, but i cant install it.

Once I click into the game, it immediately says my tablet isn't suitable for this app. Fix this and I'll give five stars.. thank you for this game, I'll enjoy and good in graphics. This game is awesome. I would suggest my Indian bro/sis to play it as it's the first game I have seen where they have shown the Indian Civilisation so beautifully espicially the intro. of Chandragupta Maurya. Loved it. Thanks NEXON for such a beautiful game.. Too many bugs in the game. Alliances can stack expansions on other alliances. Alliance defenses not working. Game is HEAVILY bend over to P2W players. Developers don't even bother fixing bugs.. grafik in challenge end museums is bad.

best civilization game i ever played. Overall is decent for a war game but the chat seem to be very sensitive when using english language, words such as 'server' and 'slot' is considered profanity. I hope this will be rectified soon.. Your game is very interesting and good story.. but you must fix the tower.. heal so fast.. great power stamina too, easy to run out.. when want to attck tower.. make maximum heal please.. tower so over powerr. this game is aswome it has all my favorite countrys i love the gameplay love it!. The heck. Why would you let us download it and when you about to play the f...... game it says its not available in our freaking region..

Is this game didnt have random teleportation?. so far its a good one, but theres a problem with freeze/stuck happens when you open something, so need to restarting the game to continue. hope dev fix it asap. thanks. This game consume lots of Internet. The game was successfullt downloaded, but once installed it say "Oops! I'm sorry! Civilization: Reign of Power is currently not available in your region.. Experienced a new idea of strategy gaming loved it .

most South koreans here are rascist. the game is so addicting and there is no ads!. Putangina ayaw ko ng apps nato pucha. Such a shame that a big company like nexon can't have attention to details like this. U know, its not matching when i chose egypt civilitation but the building is the mix of india, french and germany like whatt????? Fix the bug.. A great game to remind history !! This game tells us about all era but only disturbing thing is it closes automatically after every few minutes but what a game to enjoy with learning things!!.

Cant connect to server + not available in my region.than why u let me download it from play store .. stupid company. Typing is frickin pain in the you-know-where. Jeez what's wrong with yall?!! Fix this. Great game, still at medieval civilization but it's really great, and I hope there will be no problem in the next era's. The game is great but not great enough i give it a 2 star because ALMOST EVERY WORD IS LIKE A SWEAR WORD YOU HAVE TO FIX IT PLEASE!. Timeout, timeout, and timeout, how can i play war game while timeout as much as i can get. Oh I can play other game like GI, PUBG or MLBB, and watch video like there isn't any problem with my connection. *Edit = i try to play in different server and still timeout when war begins, it destroy your the game Oh one more this is not your usual Civilization, this is PAY to WIN game, no real strategy, unless you pour some real money everyday or join them who use money in one alliance.

stupid game choosing civilazation but the soldiers skin did not change and theres no running on the map just taps..boring game.... I buy a product from game and money was deducted but I didn't get items yet developers were not respond to my mail not recieved items yet .. People can learn history while playing game, how fun is that?. Suddenly losing connection after opening the game for 5mins. I know it said that the game is not available in my country. But still please make it available in the Philippines as well.. Been a great fan of the PC version for years so was excited to get this game's ads, downloaded it but apparently it's not yet available in Indonesia :(.

I love this Game It's Fast To Upgrade My Town Hall But Can You 4 new Civilization Like Persia Viking Spain and Byzantine. this game is very very good. fix your chat always profiny and spacs kath nothing this game is disappointing please don't play it i don't recommend it. It's like you mix civ into your generic rts game. It's OK though. Racist. some Korean players are racist and there's no way to report them. too many banned words but racist remarks can't be reported..

a great game ever more on explore experience. i put 4 starts because its very good game, i really enjoyed it, but it has so many bugs pls fix it, fix era, paying coins bug. Thank you. Plz add Pakistan Civilization plz plzzzzzzz plz plzzzzzzz. boring af. There's really no teamwork and large cities gang up on smaller ones, while stronger allies (even though they are totally adjacent and are online) just watch as others get attacked. What's the use of your Alliance if governors are not required to aid in battle? Will uninstall if no improvements come.. please fix it.. to much bugs,. when attacking the wall and that wall hp reach 0,. that wall should be gone but ? that wall not gone ! fix on chat too,. to much word can't write on chat,..

It starts very interesting. Many choice of country with different building aesthetic and traits. But quickly turns into generic RTS city building game after the tutorial. The great people are so hard to rank up, pve reward so insignificant, some building become visually same for all country in modern era. On good side, it's hard to attack other city, so casual player can be a bit safer. But lacks pve content, so it get tedious. Also, my first city bugged, the wall area can't fully unlocked.... 0 star the game is so bad. black screen, took forever to load, the server is very slow. Jesus! you developer sucks. Enjoy the game but constantly lags even with high speed internet it is to the point of unplayable..

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