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Fight alone or with your friends, grasp the battle paintings, and convey peace to the land on this arcade-inspired epic brawler! Clan N is a beat ”em-up sport that mixes the gameplay of the actual arcade with as we converse modern brawlers. With a fast-paced nature, it is vital to dodge, block and use your delicate, heavy, and specific assaults appropriately to progress. With a historic far east theme, you may get challenged through 7 entirely different ranges with many enemies and Mid/End diploma bosses.

Clan N Mod APK 1.5.2 (Unlimited Money)

It's so interactive my Son likes the game and the story is so sad can you make it a little more interesting Like After they killed Akuji a NEW evil Awaken from it's deep slomber and they need help to Destroy it and a friend came to help them And he's name is Daker.. Great game but global and local never work Noone can join either /:. worst game IT KEEPS CRASHING AND CRASHING EVERYTIME I GO TO LOCAL PLAY !!!! YOU NEED TO FIX THIS. You lost me when, 1) an add after finishing level 1, and 2) sat for a long while to play online and nobody's online. Sorry for ya.. Im on level 7 - 10 and this game is almost impossible to complete because every continue i have only 25% health which means when i get hit once im gg and life in the store is very expensive and bots keep dying also the enemies are too many and their health are very high. I enjoy the gameplay but the pixel graphics are outdated and can use an upgrade to a digital format..

good game but it freezes. Best game ever. Hi. The game crashes on level 1.1 after the tutorial on both my Samsung devices, phone and tablet. Please let me know why as the game looks really good, good controls fun graphics etc. Thanks. Ok. Games Great It's well made,controls are simple enough, and the action is quick and fast paced enemies are tough,Mobility is good and The Arcade style is wellmade,The crash after the gameover sign has been fixed The games more stable and and I get less lag spikes On my Low end device,I would like an option to be able to reduce some resources in future if possible and also if u could reduce the ads to 2-3 stages and not after every single one ,but other than that great game.

Please add wifi co op mode. This great men. I do like the game, it's a very modern look upon the classic games, but there's an issue with the combat. The combat is so poorly made that you'll be flying around the screen constantly with barely hitting any targets. The controls are fine except the dodge, please make it a button not a swipe. And please, god, don't use the 'practice' or 'skill' excuse, it has nothing to do with that. I do like the game scenery and what little it has, everything else is fine but please, fix the combat. H.f.. Im.having a problem when i had defeated a boss(i actually forgot it due to i uninstall this game a few months ago)when i try to go to another cliff it doesnt jump,and im stuck there$,i had already repeated it many times still nothhing happens pla fix it,sorry for my bad english. Edit: This is exactly the type of games I want to play!! But I have a little issue with inviting my friends. The big point out of all this is to play with friends, it's the most important? . >>> We've been able to meet in the global since not much ppl waiting there actually. But sharing the link didn't work. It sends ppl into the playstore where you can click play. But they don't end up in the friend game where waited. I don't know if it's an issue for some specific phones, or android versions..

So far so good . Id you like a classic brawler with a modern twist, i highly recommend this one one.. I'll rate 5stars when the development gives us bt controller support without on screen visible buttons.. Controlls. This is a good game. I downloaded this a while ago and played with controller with no problem, but now it keeps crashing after the tutorial level. Please fix this. This is a fun game besides that.. Saujana Keluarga Bahagia bandar seri begawai Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. So buggy.

Force close after tutorial, unplayable for me. "Join me!" Link won't work.. Can't play at all Always force closed after "tap screen to continue" Edit, it's updated and I able to play, and it great, nice game, good job dev. The game is great.. All of it is good no bug or etc. the only problem is i can't play with my friends in online play.

I pre registered this game before i could even install it was since and the game is better i love this game. Different control lead to diffrent gameplay. I mean swipe control I can swipe through enemy. Basic control is stand still mashing button. Really great pixel art there.. I can't play multiplayer because no other players connect (only bot) The controls are difficult For some reason the app needs access to my contacts! The game looks good but definitely needs work!. Badass, in my opinion. . .. Idk... I can't even log in to google play for some reason.

The nostalgia that this game gives i loved it... but i cant sign in to my google play account...pls help... The game is good. The pixel art is a nice touch too but the gameplay is held back by the annoying controls. Allow players increase the size of the buttons. EDIT2: Okay I love the basic controls. The Devs are hard at work, thank you. But there's no roll button and no jump button either. It is difficult to make progress without these buttons. This is easily an A+ game, it just needs refining.. Best game ever. Wow it's mobile. 10/10 perfect..

The costom control pad is not working it always kick me out of the game. Kept crashing at the end of the tutorial level, if theres an ad, i guess there might be a conflict on showing it? Edit : thank you for answering DEVs, for more info, my phone is a POCO F3 Edit 2 : doesnt crash anymore, a very fun game with learning curves and fun boss fights, definitely 5* worthy.. The game is good but it could be better if you guys look at games like otherworld legends and soul they're both created by the same dev's but if you guys could up the graphics just a tad bit like them the game could be something special the mobile only part is the problem instead of the xbox buttons you guys should use like buttons that look like the actions you're doing also maybe make the screen closer I would like to help coming up with ideas and more for future games if you guys accept me. Good game to play with my friends!the controls kinda sucks my controller is not working tho but I still fun without the controller kinda feel weird but that's really it.. Game closes on me each time I try to start it from the title screen. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no change. Would really like to play this since the controls have been updated....

Game crashes after tutorial cant play 2 star for controller support. Crashes after I press pretty terrible. Thanks for listening to us. Wow. There are still bug of characters missing in the map. Even online have bug. Its unplayable and the control arw hard to use. Hope this will get fix soon..

Single player, cool oldstyle weird steering but N clan. No skills needed.. Best game. I don't get the controls. Especially the right trigger. Also, just give us customizable on-screen controls. It's very awkward for me to use the controls as it is now. I've tried the touch controls and I'm even more confused to that one. Also, also, the lightning thing Akira uses has a VERY far button placement. I understand you can only use it once in a while, but it's still far. All in all, I can see the potential in this game. Just gotta fix the controls, then I'll try playing it again.. the button was ok now but the pause and potion its still big how i fix this?. Yes its always like that.. every complete of level he would stay at black screen...

Nice classic style game you can't find too much games like this one . The game should've been more enjoyable with friends if it has local multiplayer hotspot.. Overall the game is good, but the control a bit complex. A single melee button should be enough. What bug me around is the game require access to contact which kinda sus. I dont think playing online co op require the game to access my contact list. Tjdi. Has potential but not yet for my library..

Please add Static Joystick. I don't want my joystick to follow. Edit: The controls are fine now. The updates are really consistent. Looking forward for future content.. The controls are just dumb. Great improvements and I can play with my girlfriend even from far away. Hopefully it gets noticed by more people since it's a good game, good for short duration gaming or on long car rides. Good job. Good game. The game wil be much more entertaining if we dont focus on finding the best way to play this game.The controls are so frustrating i have tried every single controls option this game provide but it doesnt give much difference but if you manage to figure the best control for this game you will enjoy playing this pixel style game.

This game is clean, i just hope they add differemnt combat system depending on character because the thing that only changes to them is special attack. This game has potential. First the tutorial feels a little vague. The controls are a bit janky (tried all controls. specially the touch controls are not good to be honest). The enemies feels a bit powerfull from the start (don't know if that's intentional). I personally don't mind the ads as it does not interfere during play time. Also i don't think access to my Contacts is a way to log in to Google Play Games. I hope you guys try to improve the game.. Best game so far please add Multiplayer Mode it'll be Fun 5star On thisss. Older version touch pad was wayyyy better. What were you thinkinggg too small game is for ants. Ughh.

Sorry guys I just lost interest in your game. Reminds me of old games at the arcade I used to play. Anyways, game is very good. Unique controls, fun hack n slash gameplay, great 'mini' style pixel art, and nostalgic arcade-y music. You get to do dungeon runs n stuff with different characters with very diff. styles of gameplay. Funstuff.. I like the game consepct but first Its difficult plzz make it little easy and plzz restore player's health after every level and plzz also fix the joystick it keeps moving around that all. Good art and a simple gameplay, been trying to find a pixel art game that's good and free. The developers are listening to complaints and actually fixing the problems is also a rare sight, i recommend this game if you're bored or something and needed a quick distraction. The game is lacking information on what each stats does, also the requirements to get 1-3 star results after completing stages. And would it be a bother to add the story into the game, rather than put it on the google play page.. Not sure.

This game is good I highly recommend it. Hello dev, how to play with friend? Its still say add bot only.. Good game and dope u guys just added local coop but we need online coop as well. Beautiful looking game. Controls are a bit iffy but nothing too bad. Definitely will keep playing.. Nice controls retards when u want to make a mobile game give it a mobile controls the controls are so bad and the hit button can't be placed in this location make it like idk wild rift cuz the controls are so bad for this kind of games.

I like this game though hope you can fix the touch Control, perhaps separate from attack Although the movement controller works great, Istil prefers to use the touch screen. Great It's pretty much the way the game works control. Very beautiful This review was helpful. Needs a zoom in on the screen while in battle and how the hell do I play co-op with friends. The game is good i love the pixel graphics but you need to improve the controls. Controls are not so good. I liked the graphics and the game itself seems pretty cool. I didn't play much further than the tutorial though because I found the controls a bit weird and its not easy to move around. And the tutorial wasn't detailed enough in explaining the controls you still need to figure it out on your own..

Ki zabi. Great great great arcade-ish game, totally love it! 5 stars. you are the best friend in the world sorry about the 1 star in my review I deleted it . Beautiful pixel graphics, control set up is all wrong not sure what you where thinking there. Bug found character not appearing on screen, Update, there's a reason why most developers give full control customisation, this fixes everyone issues with button placements, you have buttons left and right up and down, like a Xbox controller, we are not holding a Xbox controller, super awkward reaching over to the button on the left, also you have the button's so close together is ridiculous.. great game, love the graphic. thank you devs for fixing the controls, now i can play the game 🙂 have a good day devs :).

Pretty fun game. I think the art is remarkable. There were lots of bugs and inefficiencies at the initial release and it was still entertaining. Now that the bigger bugs were fixed, things have become way more manageable and fun. This game has lots of potential.. Loved that you fixed the controls. Amazing game. This game is a gem of this year.. now that there are proper controls, no floating joysticks and a working game, which is good, here's five stars. Nice you added the virtual d pad the game is awsome now. The buttons are too much big :(.

Love the game, it's very fun. One suggestion I have is having a virtual joystick and a separate button for attacking, current controls needs some time to get used to.. I like the control It gives best feel.'s unplayable for now. After update all buttons are huge and covering all the screen. I will keep this game for a while because I think it got potential, so...please keep updating. (After update game works better. Still not ideal...but I can see light in the darkness. I giving 2 more stars.). The art,the graphics looks great..... And after update the control which was hard is now easy.... Or i say comfy ... So good this game ... I still don't find multiplayer... But the game is amazing.... Good job... Easily 5 stars.... Keep it up..... Well, you made it alot better with the new control layout but fighting is still cumbersome, movement is still wildly loose and in the tutorial, the fact that you have to take a path that is at the top of the screen behind the character health display is somewhat confusing. I get there's not alot of real estate in a phone screen but it should be used efficiently and wisely perhaps add a little sign pointing the way? Either way I guess this just ain't for me, the search continues for the epic tale.

Add multiplayer where you can clear the lvls or 1v1 players. its is a new game. this game is fun but the only problem is the control ply fix it thanks. Hardware controller not supported in options menu on main screen. Intrusive video ads are UNACCEPTABLE (you could easily offer IAPs to remove ads and also not offer video ads). Hardware controller is not supported if game has already started (so if connection is interrupted, you have to reload the game after reconnecting the controller). Game is also too hard, even with a hardware controller. It also keeps demanding access to my contacts. 1 star until these are all fixed.. If you think the controls fixed because "other people seem to love it" like you respond to reviews, then it tells a lot about your game. I'll pass until you figure out what good touch controls feel and look like because to me it's still unplayable.. for a good game. I preferred v0.9 in except the movement are a good step forward except the character shouldn't move on screen press, instead of always going to the same direction like it's doing now. and joystic could be invisible when not pressed..

The controls are fantastic and smooth, the only problem i'm encountering now is how progress is saved because I somehow have -3 lives which makes my character very weak from the start. And I still hope that LAN Co-op can be added to the game, other than that keep up the great work!. Probly cool just tough on phone need a controller. I like the game but pls can you add local multiplayer so my friends and i can play together. Can't get past the first scarecrows. Keeps telling me to go right but won't let me. Edit it won't let me take the required path at the top or up of the screen thanks.. A lot of things need optimization but this game is really promising.

You REALLY REALLY need a gamepad for this game! And probably a tablet, too. It seems like it would be a lot of fun if everything wasn't so tiny. There's just too much interface, aligned too inconveniently, to make use of all of the moves you can do on mobile. Even with the expanded buttons; you need to be able to relocate each button independently. I did not understand the other control schemes at all. Also, the number of 30+-second unskippable unrewarded ads is totally unacceptable.. One of the best pixelated games ever!, I love how the developers of this game keeps it up to date and always listen to the community. Keep up the good work :). It's so good until you rich stage 2:3 the game freezes and crash after the dragon scene It keep crashing even though you update it. Touch controls are too wonky. Ok this game has a great potential to be on the top games list .. but ... 1st you need to fix the shuriken tutorial .. maybe giving the option to the user to remap the buttons on the screen .. but the most important .. why the game ask to get access for contacts !!!.

Ok. Now the controls are easy. Thanks for adding the joystick!. I checked but there isn't any virtual gamepad in the settings could you tell me how to enable it. P.S I'm pretty sure I'm in the latest version as I just reinstalled it.. PERFECT FOR A NEW GAME THEY RESPONSE SO FAST WITH ANY ERROR THEY FIX A ERROR WITH 2 DAYS THATS PERFECT OVER ALL PERFECT GAME I SAY FOR YOU PLAY IT!. very good game!. I love the graphics and overall gameplay (the joystick update was a serious game changer ), but there's one problem i cannot connect to my google play account, there's only the loading circle..

nice, now gamepad is added and can be adjusted. But it's can be much better if u add Fixed joystick placement. Edit : both is fine, but i'm more comfortable with fixed position on the screen. The buttons are so big please fix that I don't have a tablet I use a Samsung. The game is awesome, just as i expected. A game like this can become popular. But the reason i have given four stars is because of the controls. It becomes unplayable. Improve the controls and earn your last star as well. Edit-yeah the classic control pad. It covers the whole screen so you can barely see whats happening. The pause and special skill buttons are also too big. Make thos controls a little smaller. Would be nice if we could customize or somerhing. Goodluck!. This game is amazing pixel art game I love it.. i like the game graphics which is pixelated, i love the arcade style and the gameplay too. Pls add endless mode, make the storyline more longer, and add more different enemies. Thats all. Me just wait future updates.

Controls. Nice Gameplay Overall I still have some crashing issue on 2-3 level and as soon as the dragon fly away and the enemies crashes my game. Add a "fixed" joystick option and will there be a multiplayer for this game?. The controls is pretty good right now but one thing add option for control mapping cause the buttons covering half of the screen but overall the game is good it reminds me of arcade games back in days and thanks for the devs for quickly response just keep updating guys.. Its a good game 5 stars.

dude this is so epic, this game what i waiting before, looks and wondering how beautiful is this, and then now i playing this game, so awesome dude, btw, improve more your game and controls and add some features ideas, and its like a little same as "otherwolds legends" i love pixel action rpg btw so, thanks dev(edit: the game update guys, there's a virtual gamepad now and fix some bugs, read first the update before you rate 4 star below. One of the Trash Game This game don't Even Deserve 1 Star. Having pre-registered for the game, I was amazed at the devs work, tutorial seemed to be spot on till you get to the dummy phase endlessly striking & not being able to advance, (be best to have a guide panel during tutorial) controls need improvement, overall great work love the layout and intro. the control is in chaos,Classic mode control has BIG Buttons covering half actions screen, Left hand & Right hand version cannot be used at all, both are NOT respond to where we want to go, the direction button has its own will. only Classic can cooperate with our finger, but buttons are SO BIG ,blocking the actions screen. The Graphic is really pixelated,worse than Minecraft graphic, is it for purpose?. Ok so I've been playing this for 30 minutes and I don't know why other people don't get the controls. In my opinion they are really straight forward and easy to use. If I were to complain about the controls what I don't like about them is that the movement joystick is way too big for a game like this but that's pretty much it. Would appreciate if you could make it smaller. Anyways this is a solid game so far and I'm enjoying myself..

I waited for a long time to play this game.. Great game. Working fine on my phone of the best pixel game available on playstore. Good game but how should I play the third mini game (the mini game that you should run from a gigantic boulder)and thanks for the update. why the game crashes every time I complete the tutorial?. The game is really good and it has potential, but the control its just.... I deleted it, cause I couldn't handle my rage, its really hard to go straight. Also is there online?. I love the art style for the game, pixels were a great choice, I'm waiting for multiplayer so I can play with my friends, I'm sure we will have lots of fun..

Everything is just fine in mine except the fact that players can't get extra lives from drops and the fact that upgrades are do expensive please do something about it it's killing the awesome experience for me. This game is really fun to play but when is mutiplayer?. This game is lots of fun.. the pixel art is wonderful and the combat is great complaint: like others said, the controls are not optimized for mobile but I'm sure the developers are gonna fix that with. i have a bug when i upgrade i stuck on the game. Game is good with a potential but please the controls needs a little bit of work.

I would like to suggest u to optimise the camera bit coz it is sometimes hard to see where I am and whom I am attacking to. Rest is ok I would suggest you to add some kinda gears shops to buy that ninja stars and health portion.. There's a problem with google play account connect to the game and it's instantly crash. It's nice! Waiting for update with joystick Edit: thanks for the update devs!. Now that the controls are somehow good, I suggest that you make bots more effective(like they can pick items or guard themselves) because from what I can see, bot allies die easily. Also please add a Lan coop because I don't know if there is currently. Great game and has a potential!. Honestly, should keep the movement and attack separate, just feels weird how it is. Maybe a d-pad and a dedicated attack button the right? Seems like a fun, passionate, and unique game past that..

This is getting better I just wish that they add a online coop to play with freinds because this game is coop like and maybe in fututre updates have some kind of mini game type of things because in about of this game it says play with freinds. Controls are so poor you cannot do anything accurately. Stopped playing after 10mins of trying to get my character to move/attack a simple target.... Its a great game and overrall fun and challenging, but my only problem is that the game always crashes whenever I finish stage 2-3, I dont know what the problem is but it keeps happening and I cant really progress.. thx for update im now can play after playing is very good Pixel game should do many games like that its so good rpg but the control its not good.

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