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In Clan of Tigers you have to become the only surviving tiger from a legendary family. Your task in the game will be to find new members to revive your legendary tiger clan. You have to win back your former territories, which were occupied by other families. This is precisely the goal of the game, to regain your position in the wild, so that vast areas of our wild nature are once again under your control.

List of Codes Expiration date
3LW9R75JQ0O September 3, 2022
QZNKVOXH7T September 9, 2022
C7LSJD8R4 August 22, 2022
9RT4D265USC September 6, 2022
ZOH6LTMFE58S July 24, 2022
JQ26ZXNCME7 August 8, 2022

This “big cat” needs your help. After all, your hero – a tiger – is unlikely to be able to win a safari from the representatives of the fauna. But he is ready to be challenged by crocodiles that live in contaminated rivers, cheetahs, hyenas and lions who do not want to put up with the fact that they will have to share territories, as well as elephants, snakes and other dangerous animals.

However, this is not just a game about wild animals. There is also a magical side to it. You have to find various books on magic so that your tiger can get new abilities and abilities that will help him in battles. Thanks to these magical abilities, the game gets some kind of uniqueness and originality.

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