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Feel like one of the members of an inextricably linked wolf pack. The animals in this family are very unusual and you will have to go through all their hard way with them.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
42K0CFXM6UJ August 7, 2022
60NAJE73KX September 23, 2022
19ZJ2CAP0 September 3, 2022
YP5ONC7M60X August 1, 2022
HT564ZQ9EYPA September 24, 2022
AMS0LO4NJH6 September 11, 2022

Unlock new areas, ford rivers, explore caves and go around the entire map of your world. Of course, this should not be done aimlessly, you have a clearly defined task, namely, finding all the magic books. Try to collect all the copies, do not miss a single book.

Do not forget to protect your flock, you have to fend off the attacks of other animals and fight your enemies. Your opponents are by no means a blunder, these are other wolf clans that, like yours, are on the prowl in search of magical books. Surround your rivals, block their way to the artifacts and fight to the last. Remember that when a difficult task arises, you can always turn to your spiritual mentor.

In the passage of the game you will be helped by a world map located in the corner of the screen, it will mark the location of both books and enemies. Try to complete the game with the least losses.

Go looking for rare magic books and don’t let your enemies find them first. Hurry, time is running out!

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