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A fairly popular genre is wall-to-wall strategy, in which two opposing castles send their people towards each other in real time and watch their warriors fight, the one who can go through all the waves of enemy raids wins, and will break through to the castle, destroying it and crushing the player, respectively.

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Clan War is a fast-paced wall-to-wall strategy that will bring you a lot of fun and positive emotions. You once again become the commander of a small but friendly army. In this game, you have to fight other players in PvP mode, as well as go through story missions that will allow you to get the necessary resources and skill points that should be spent on improving your fighters, who are ready to sacrifice their lives for you, which by the way successfully done throughout this game.

There are several game modes in clan war: in the story mode, you will win honor from computer players of varying difficulty, and straighten your arms to play with real people who will be waiting for you in the death arena, where the hottest battles will take place.

Team up with other players in the Guild and crush enemies together.

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