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How do you like fantasy games? Are you excited about them? Wonderful! Then download the application Clash for Dawn: Guild War on your android, and go to war with the forces of evil. Your task is to fight, choose your faction, take weapons and distribute them to the heroes of your squad, who will go to fight the dark lord and his minions. There have never been wars in your world, or rather in the city of Laxis, but when the dark ruler decided to take possession of your lands, you had to fight.

List of Codes Wiki Expiration date
HKEFU24D890 October 10, 2022
82BKJHTFDE October 6, 2022
I9NO7G3RB September 2, 2022
C6278IPTMRB September 11, 2022
7ZLAE4PFUYN3 September 3, 2022
UQG1M9YTBI4 September 12, 2022

To get started, create your squad of heroes, and go through all the levels that will be made in the form of dungeons and valleys. For the successful completion of each stage, you will receive many rewards and money, for which you can then upgrade your warriors of good. Also you are waiting for brutal battles with epic bosses. You can take part in them together with other participants online. Don’t want to play with someone, play alone and travel through scary dungeons and valleys.

Clash for Dawn: Guild War has a dragon mode so you can have your own dragon with unique abilities. In addition, you can take mercenaries to fight by your side! In a word, there are many amazing moments here that will definitely impress you! So download the Clash for Dawn: Guild War app with cool graphics and fight for your world!

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