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It’s hard not to notice how much of the strategy genre is gaining popularity. It is then worth talking about this popular game of the strategic genre – Clash of Kings.

Clash of Kings Redeem Codes (2023 June) 8.26.0
List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
ZUYEMA3WP92August 14, 2022
JUC2KBELGAAugust 22, 2022
0VI26WOZ9October 7, 2022
35HRSLXBP9UAugust 28, 2022
GUSM6H2J4OIWAugust 27, 2022
0O6Y59CZE7XAugust 15, 2022

This game invites you to go to the Middle Ages, to the world of knights and princesses, plague and complete lack of hygiene. Life in the Middle Ages was not at all easy and far from the same as shown in the films. Life was hard and harsh. The world was shrouded in the fire of wars and betrayals. Brother went against brother, an old friend could betray for a piece of gold or a cow (!).

Going into these dark times, do not forget about all the dangers that lie in wait for you on this difficult path.

You have to build a castle with an army from a rundown village, which will be inferior to everyone in the district in terms of strength and training. But in order to bring these plans to life, you will have to invest a lot of time in the development and construction of the castle, in the study of new technologies and the training of recruits. All these steps are a necessity on the way to fame and fortune.

If the question comes to your mind: “How to make money fast?” , then the answer will be one – attack the neighbors and take by force what you need. But be careful, because your neighbors can have strong and influential allies who, having hit a quarter of their strength, will be able to smash your outback, which you called the castle, into small chips and pebbles.

In order to survive, man has always found allies. And in general, all living nature is so arranged, so you don’t have to resist it and find yourself strong and loyal allies with whom you can build a large and strong Guild that terrifies the locals.

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