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Clash Of Lords 2: Clash Divin is an exciting strategy sequel to the cult Clash of Lords. You have to match the strength of the lords of distant kingdoms.

Clash Of Lords 2: Clash Divin Discount Codes (2023 March) 1.0.238
List of Discount Codes Expiration date
LFA9BSN6WX5 August 18, 2022
YFTXPR7IOV July 19, 2022
DZCEQS2RG August 11, 2022
I1DN0ROWSUE August 27, 2022
PDM6X2A4NOU5 July 28, 2022
SZO0AWF9N51 August 8, 2022

There are more than 40 characters in the game, from which you will have to assemble an army. Build a base to cover the rear, and together with your friends repel enemy attacks. Get ready for battle, because now you control everything that happens in battle. Activate secret skills right during the battle, and all this – in real time. Find your path to victory. With application modes PvP (with another player) and PvE (game with a computer), amazing opportunities will open up for you! Fight in alliance with friends, or against them. Defeat opponents forever!

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