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Strategies of this type have become quite common and there are dozens of clones. In games like Clash of Lords 2, you will have to build your city, starting with a couple of three houses and a defensive tower, and eventually developing into a huge settlement, protected from enemy attacks by a strong fence and protected by powerful towers.

Clash of Lords 2 Gift Codes 1.0.341
List of Gift CodesExpiration date
MGKW8ROP5FYOctober 8, 2022
25MJKQS7RLSeptember 9, 2022
06FTXOWNYSeptember 13, 2022
MG7I860WXJDAugust 17, 2022
LX3Z1EOG4P85September 12, 2022
K2VQ1ZIJ4AOAugust 31, 2022

The main emphasis in the game is still not on the PvE game mode, when the player has to fight and attack crowds of monsters or computer-controlled enemies. The game requires and encourages its players to fight each other in every possible way, although the modes where you need to defeat bosses or crowds of evil spirits cannot be excluded from sight, because they will bring you the maximum resources and the required number of different game currencies for further development and pumping of your heroes. Yes, the game has a well-implemented system of heroes-commanders who are taller, stronger, faster, more powerful, cooler and clearer than a crowd of ordinary fighters. Win or unlock new heroes, pump them to the maximum, because the maximum level of the hero lies somewhere far beyond a hundred.

Improve the skills of your heroes, while not forgetting about other types of troops. Rush into battle against other players, defeat them and leave with your head held high and backpacks full of trophies. There are nine different game modes available, in which you have to fight both with computer monsters while completing tasks, and with real players. You can attack the bases of the enemy or the player and demolish everything to the very foundation, or make sorties in order to fill the wagons with resources and quickly get out. Or the PvP arena mode is available, in which you will have to face the enemy face to face without attacking from under the silence.

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