News - Updated on April 14, 2022

Hello Games says hello again with another major update for No Man’s Sky. Update 3.85 brings improved space battles, brand new ships and the ability to get your own squadron. Rumor has it that some corners of the universe fell under the control of the rebels.

Along with the patch came standard bug fixes and bug fixes. Below are the main innovations in No Man’s Sky.

  • A new class of spaceships – Solar Ships (Solar ships). This is a modern and versatile transport for traveling long distances. Thanks to procedural generation, ships are presented in a variety of configurations.

  • Part of the star systems passed into the hands of the rebels. Outer space close to them was left unguarded, which is why piracy flourished.
    • Renegade systems have their own technology vendors, a market for contraband, agents with missions, and more.

  • The player will be able to join the illegal traffic, however, the system authorities are authorized to scan passing ships and check their cargo. The smugglers have their own tricks to fool the officers.

  • An extension is available for the ship’s cargo hold to accommodate even more.

  • Space battles have been reworked and rebalanced.
    • If necessary, the autopilot is activated in battle, which aims at opponents and follows them. The pilot can only shoot.

  • Explosions and destruction effects of ships, asteroids and freighters have been greatly improved. Frigate engine effects also look prettier.

  • Now it is possible to assemble your own group of pilots, who will join the player as soon as a fight in space begins.
    • Enlisted recruits have several stats that can be upgraded – just send them to training so they can be more useful in the next battle.

  • The number of ships a player can own has been increased from six to nine.

  • Some of the flying vessels now have energy shields. Each of them differs in power and duration of recharge.

  • Now pirates will attack planets and destroy buildings. For the expulsion of uninvited guests, rewards are promised.

  • No Man’s Sky learned to realistically simulate the behavior of fabric, namely hoods and raincoats. The new wardrobe item is already available on the space station.

  • The sixth expedition will start soon. In it, you have to deal with a pirate group that is terrifying a distant galaxy. Many rewards are promised for completing the mission, including a cape and an assortment of flags.

Through years of long polishing with patches No Man’s Sky changed drastically. This was also noted by the jury at the recent 2022 BAFTA Games Awards – the project was awarded a statuette in the “Game with long-term support” nomination.

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