APK - Updated on August 6, 2022

The first part of the game about crazy sheep has acquired a considerable number of fans, and now they can enjoy the sequel. In Clouds & Sheep 2, you will still take care of your curly wards. In order for them to live well, they need care. Make sure that the sheep are fed and fed with rainwater so that they do not freeze during sleep – for this, kindle a fire.

List of Cheats Expiration date
561WMT0EG3H August 7, 2022
96EVGSLF47 September 28, 2022
3GNPW5ROA August 23, 2022
CSKIB120Q6X September 20, 2022
ZOWKYVLGNFP8 September 24, 2022
K0YQ8CS4XJ2 August 15, 2022

By conscientiously fulfilling all duties, you will get satisfied sheep. And of course, they need to be cut periodically, getting wool. It, like the wood and flowers you can mine, can be traded for toys and pet accessories. After all, sheep need not only warmth, food and water, they also need to be entertained so that the herd does not get bored. And what could be more fun than playing with little lambs? You can also swing your pets on the swings. Let the sheep grow healthy and happy under your careful supervision! Then they will give good offspring.

You can improve the dwelling of the sheep, as well as decorate the environment to your liking – the locations can look the way you want. In a word, try your best and get stars of happiness, which will be a reward for your hard work.

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