Game New - Updated on December 15, 2022

Code Atma is a supernatural techno-thriller RPG set where humanity, know-how, and historic beliefs intersect in a secret battle. As a Seeker, you could be among the many, brave few who harness humanity’s collective developments in know-how to wage a secret battle, a battle in opposition to the unseen, supernatural forces from last the veil. Embarking on a journey to hunt the darkish truth behind the mysteries of our world, you will be given the ability to harness the souls of long-forgotten myths and folklore – the Atma.

The Atma is more significant than solely a way to an end throughout the Battle Previous the Veil. Born out of folklore and mythological origins, no two Atma are similar. With distinctive strengths, weaknesses, and experience, the Atma adds tactical depth to each encounter. Gather your forces, put together your Atma, and formulate profitable methods to unleash their true potential.

Code Atma Supernatural RPG Mod APK  (Unlimited Money)

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