Color Oasis - Color by Number Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 13, 2024

Color Oasis – Color by Number is a relaxing game that allows players to create beautiful artworks by filling in numbered spaces with colors. To enhance your gameplay experience, here are 68 Color by Number codes to unlock new color palettes, special effects, and exclusive designs. Use these codes to express your creativity and immerse yourself in a colorful oasis of fun and relaxation. Ready to paint your masterpiece? Let’s unleash the colors!

New valid for Color Oasis – Color by Number Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Golden crown adorned with rubies 2. Bag of sparkling diamonds 3. Enchanted sword of power 4. Pouch overflowing with gold coins
Get Code 1. Golden treasure chest full of valuable gems and coins. 2. Exquisite diamond necklace shimmering with radiant beauty. 3. Potent elixir enhancing strength and granting supernatural powers. 4. Enchanted crystal ball revealing secrets and foreseeing the future. 5. Legendary sword forged with ancient magic, unstoppable in battle.
Get Code 1. A rare golden amulet that grants +10 Luck. 2. 500 gold coins for your treasure trove. 3. A set of enchanted paintbrushes for artistic mastery.

Color Oasis - Color by Number Tier List

Sure, here is a tier list with detailed descriptions for the game Color Oasis - Color by Number:

S Tier:
1. Majestic Mountain: This picture is a stunning landscape of a majestic mountain, complete with a serene lake and lush greenery. It offers a great blend of colors to create a beautiful masterpiece.

2. Enchanted Forest: The Enchanted Forest picture features a mystical forest setting with vibrant colors and intricate details. It provides a rewarding coloring experience and allows for creativity with different shades of greens and browns.

A Tier:
3. Tropical Paradise: Tropical Paradise offers a vibrant and colorful scene of a tropical beach with palm trees, blue waters, and exotic flowers. It allows for a mix of bright and bold colors to bring the scene to life.

4. Celestial Night Sky: This picture depicts a mesmerizing night sky filled with twinkling stars and a crescent moon. The dark background provides a stunning contrast to the bright stars, offering a unique coloring challenge.

B Tier:
5. Vintage Flower Vase: Vintage Flower Vase features a classic vase filled with an array of elegant flowers. The soft pastel colors used in this picture provide a calming and relaxing coloring experience.

6. Underwater World: Underwater World showcases a vibrant and colorful underwater scene with various marine creatures and coral reefs. The dazzling array of colors allows for a creative and imaginative coloring session.

C Tier:
7. Desert Sunset: Desert Sunset presents a picturesque desert landscape with a beautiful sunset in the background. While the color palette may be limited compared to other pictures, it still offers a relaxing and enjoyable coloring experience.

8. Cozy Cabin: Cozy Cabin depicts a cozy cabin nestled in a snowy winter forest. While the limited color scheme of mostly whites and blues may be soothing, it lacks the vibrancy of other pictures in the game.

Overall, Color Oasis - Color by Number offers a variety of beautiful and engaging pictures to color, each providing a unique coloring experience based on the complexity of the design and color palette.

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