Codes - Updated on July 16, 2022

Command & Control:SpecOps Lite is a fun strategy game that challenges you to showcase your skills as a commander.

List of Codes Expiration date
VOQD3ZYH1CX July 31, 2022
MEYS6IPGO4 September 2, 2022
A4S2CF95T July 22, 2022
46QJ3KTLME1 September 10, 2022
P92FLT58S6RB July 26, 2022
9Y2AWQR6U83 August 12, 2022

According to the plot, you act as the commander of a military unit and it is you who needs to confront the enemy Syndicate. To win, you need not only to create your own combat tactics, but also to train your wards.

The game Command & Control:SpecOps Lite impresses with high-quality gameplay. You have to complete 16 different missions in various locations. Each mission is a test of your skills and knowledge, and for the successful completion of battles you will receive game points and useful bonus items that will help you fight the most dangerous enemies.

Command & Control:SpecOps Lite features high-quality graphics and realistic design, while themed soundtracks set you up for the fight.

The game was specially created for mobile phones and tablets based on Android, so the control of the character and the army is carried out with the help of a few buttons. The application is absolutely free to download, does not contain prohibited information, advertising or additional paid content. Character development is carried out only with the help of earned game points.

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