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“Roguelike” for four on “Conan the Barbarian”, which publishes Funcom, authors of many hits, including The Longest Journey, The Secret World and Conan Exiles … Agree, it sounds cool. How is it played?

Laughter, but only

As you know, the universe of “Conan the Barbarian” is quite serious and brutal. But in Conan Chop Chop, the atmosphere is emphatically frivolous. The link is next. The evil sorcerer Thoth-Amon performed the ritual of summoning a powerful demon, who was already delighted: “And again the whole world will lie at my feet …” Stop, but where are the legs? There are no legs, which means that the ritual has not ended. The demon needs to find a suitable heroic body to move into.

To do this, Thoth-Amon decided to trap the best heroes of Hyboria and arranged the Razgromaton tournament, where you need to sequentially, in splendid isolation or in the company of four players, go through several regions and kill a bunch of strong enemies, including bosses.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

It is clear that this is a trap.

Actually, this is where the local humor almost ends. Yes, you can run with a chicken, shoot chicken eggs again, from which another laying hen will hatch with a certain chance, and, in general, you can feel the ironic atmosphere. But no more.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

Who is there against the boss? Conan or his chicken?

Not cool classes

Like a “bagel” Conan Chop Chop does not offer anything fundamentally new. Moreover, claims can and should be made against it. For example, more interesting, unique classes are missing. In addition to Conan, there are two more warriors – Valeria and Pallantides, as well as the archer Belit. Everyone differs in skills, but in reality everyone hits with cold weapons and shoots from a bow in about the same way, everyone has an analogue of a jerk – Conan, like a true barbarian, jumps on enemies and stuns them, and Pallantides rushes forward and stuns opponents with a shield strike.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

And the hen knows how to bite.

There are also ultimate attacks, mainly in the area – Conan accumulates rage and releases it, Pallantide roars and stuns everyone around, causing gradually increasing damage, Valeria spins with her sword like a top, and Belit releases a cloud of arrows. That is, in general, everything is monotonous, and only Conan and Belit, perhaps, differ in their style, but the archer’s “ult” is inconvenient to use.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

Naturally, the bosses also have super moves.

Finally, as we progress, we learn new abilities for each character, which are preserved in all subsequent outings. But even there there are few unique things, but basically these are standard health bonuses, additional slots for amulets, the ability to start the game with a bonus supply of gold or with a piece of healing ham. This does not mean at all that all four heroes are identical, but I would like more uniqueness and diversity.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

The skill tree is the same for all heroes – unusual, but convenient.

Saving amulets

The words about the “magic generation of the world” also cause bewilderment – they say, it makes each passage unique. Maybe, of course, I didn’t understand or notice something, but in fact, there is a situation that is generally rare for “bagels” when, after several passages, you literally memorize both the order of the rooms and the location of the chests. There are, of course, differences, but they are usually minimal.

In fact, what really makes each playthrough and style of heroes unique and what is the main success of the game is a bunch of various equipment that we find in chests, buy with the collected gold or order from the village blacksmith for much rarer steel.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

As you pass through and use the services of artisans, the village is rebuilt, and the range of goods increases.

With all these shields, swords, maces and armor, everything is more or less clear. They differ in attack / defense parameters, and also provide additional bonuses calculated as a percentage – for example, there is a sword with the feature “Dash for 5.5 seconds increases the chance of critical damage by 37%” and a bow, from which arrows are fired with a probability of 33% ” leave a trace of a random element.

All this may seem insignificant, but Conan Chop Chop good because it allows you to combine the effects of items, enhancing all these percentages and bonuses. As soon as I put on my Conan not only the aforementioned sword with the dash effect that increases the chance of critical damage, but also the amulet that multiplies the dash counter, the boss was defeated in splendid isolation, and quite easily.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

Enemies highlighted in red are strengthened.

Of particular interest are amulets that change the rules or provide additional abilities – there is the already mentioned shooting not with arrows, but with eggs, bombs or even sand, summoning a chicken or a slug as permanent assistants, adding poison to melee attacks, a chance to increase in size after killing an enemy (damage also increases) and so on. Nothing particularly new, but still works great and adds a unique touch to every run.

Conan Chop Chop: Review

Locations with bosses are arranged almost identically in each passage.

Yes, the bagel from Conan Chop Chop turned out to be ambiguous – after all, I haven’t said about technical flaws (for example, bugs) on the release yet. But still, the project deserves attention with a variety, if not of classes, then of equipment and the effects/opportunities given to them. Especially if you play in a co-op, where all possible shortcomings are compensated by the recklessness of the joint mode.

Pros: ironic style and atmosphere; exciting gameplay with the ability to combine the effects of different items of equipment; vigorous cooperative; stylish picture.

Minuses: few really interesting classes; random generation works mostly only for drop-down items; technical issues, including bugs.

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