APK - Updated on January 22, 2023

Cops N Robbers – PTS game in which you will be asked to take part in the confrontation between cops and bandits.

Cops N Robbers  MOD APK (Free Download) 1.6.1

More specifically, one cop and seven prisoners. The players determine the cop and the game begins. The goal of the guard is to prevent escape and control the life of prisoners: to accompany them for a walk, take them to the shower room, send them to the dining room, and all this is under his vigilant control. And the task of the prisoners is to find a way to escape and escape. The game ends when at least one prisoner escapes from the island on the ship, but before that you need to do a lot, otherwise the escape will fail. In addition, if the guard knows his business, then he will shoot you even at the moment when you take the first step to escape.

The prison building is quite large and contains many caches, which in turn contain quite a lot of good bonuses for the fugitive: money, metal for creating things, the things themselves, mods for making things, sometimes even weapons, but most often food and medicine vials. Do not forget to share what you have found with your comrades, because the escape must still be collective, and together it will be easier for you to cope, which means that they need to survive.

The game is built on the MineCraft engine and is a cubic reality in which you have to make escapes or catch criminals.

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