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Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game is a game for real fashionistas and designers who want to spend time with pleasure and great benefit. A lot of different opportunities will give young fashion designers a chance to become stars.

Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game
  MOD APK (Unlimited Everything) 22.14.100

Create daily a new style in accordance with fashion solutions and enjoy the game along with millions of the same stars. Open new wardrobes of clothes every day and buy them to solve new stylish problems. Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game will have an incredible amount of clothes and accessories available from the world’s top brands, and you almost know about them. Everyone should recognize your individual style and stardom in the world of shopping. In such an exciting game, there is everything that girls like so much. Save money on fashion sentences and go shopping in absolutely any part of the world. There you can buy new outfits or gather real professionals in your workshop, together with whom a completely new fashion brand will be created. In Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game, you can participate in the voting and thus gradually become the real star in the world. Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game – a game for real fashion stars About two hundred different brands will be available to users who decide to create a new fashion style. Enjoy constantly discovering the fashion world and do only what you really like. Every heroine will have the perfect experience and enjoyment of Covet Fashion – Dress Up Game. Tons of various clothing items in different colors, a bunch of makeup and accessories are already available for everyone, it remains only to go shopping. Be sure to invite your girlfriends to compete together or vice versa to share useful tips in the fashion world. It is realistic to do this even through social networks, which will be quite simple and easy to implement.

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