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Calm and peaceful crabs were once forced to move from the cozy seabed underground. They were driven there by aggressive monstrous reptiles. Centuries passed. During this time, the expelled crabs managed to master the power of the crystals and put them at their service. Now they can not only get out of the ground to the surface, but also win back their territories from the reptiles.

List of Codes WikiExpiration date
0ZGB3AKI7OVSeptember 8, 2022
MHUBGES7CJAugust 22, 2022
59R0G1JKVAugust 21, 2022
6JQL0VWS5AYSeptember 6, 2022
GQ8C2JPM495NAugust 21, 2022
973WGYZ18AUSeptember 12, 2022

You as the commander of the army of crabs will have to lead a huge army and send it to battle in a new exciting game Crab War. Gather an army of the most daring crabs and send him to battle with reptiles. You will be subordinate to more than 30 queens, leading flocks of crabs. You will face more than 50 types of reptiles.

Be aware that crabs can molt and mutate. In this case, they acquire incredible strength and new abilities! Your main task is to deal with the dangerous Wild Beast. By killing him, you get shiny rewards! You also have the opportunity to improve crabs, improving their skills. Use 6 skills and 18 talents. Also, do not forget about the possibilities of the golden beam, which instantly hits opponents. And if things don’t go well at the front, use the help of a killer crab. Help the crabs restore justice and return to their native territories!

Download ( V3.49.0 )
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