APK - Updated on March 28, 2023

The crabs became very short of resources and therefore they decided to go to war with each other. If you decide to download Crab War for Android, then you will have to take part in this intense war. Look at how these mysterious reptiles live and how their world works in general. They have their own kingdom, where there is a majestic King, and he has his own Queen. Connect to the multiplayer mode and challenge players from all over the world. You can summon legendary crabs to your team and enjoy large-scale battles in open spaces. Invite your friends to this game and create your own cool clan, managing which you can conquer the crab kingdoms.

Crab War  MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 3.56.1

If you download Crab War for Android, you can enjoy such features for a very long time:

  • More than eighty different categories of crabs, which have their own original features;
  • Hand-made creation of a huge crab Kingdom, where there will be its leader and its legendary warriors;
  • Multiplayer battle mode with players around the world;
  • Multi-level system of the company;
  • Gene stimulation to obtain new types of legendary heroes;
  • Battles with allies.

Crab Alliance War Immerse yourself in this massive and especially dangerous world where you have to face a huge number of crabs and fight for your victory along with them. Take part in legendary battles around the world and earn new rewards. Travel the global world of reptiles and learn about the peculiarities of their life. The player will have to collect crystals in order to continue to develop their own empire. Upgrade your own crabs and take part in intense battles. The player will definitely enjoy the scale of this original battle and the huge variety of features.

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