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The romantic game will help you create a love scenario between Rob and Emily on your own.

List of Cheat APKExpiration date
WHF9JNVU3MEOctober 14, 2022
ITAJBU09WZOctober 17, 2022
FVHIAJS9NSeptember 20, 2022
AQSBOEDVLYIOctober 18, 2022
FPUSI0VX3M64September 25, 2022
5KCR7GODPTSOctober 22, 2022

Crazy Love Story has you picking Rob’s clothes, hair and wedding ring design to impress Emily, and your marriage proposal was received positively.

But everything is not so simple. On the way to the cherished day, Rob is waiting for a lot of tests, having passed which he will be able to properly prepare for the crucial moment. But Emily has to prepare with your help. Dress up the future bride in the most beautiful dress, do her hair and make-up. In addition, Emily’s outfit must be complemented with jewelry.

The offer is not all you have to deal with. A wedding requires a lot of preparation: bake a birthday cake, decorate and furnish the restaurant where the celebration will take place and do everything possible to make this important day unforgettable.

But on the way to the goal, unexpected obstacles await you: on the way to the restaurant, Rob’s car breaks down, and you need to fix it as soon as possible.

The application has a special option “All Levels”, which will allow you to enjoy the game almost endlessly, passing level after level, and preparing for Emily the brightest romantic surprise of her life.

Download ( V1.1.6 )
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