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Recently, domestic developers have been making quite decent role-playing games. But the Creepy Brothers studio seems to have managed to remove the curse of Russian quests – though not the first time. In February last year, the studio released Creepy Tale – a rather primitive and, let’s say, quest based on the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm that does not differ in logic and intelligible plot. And recently they have worked on the bugs and made a big step forward in the sequel. Although Creepy Tale 2 has questions.

Girls vs boys

Compared to the first part, the sequel has a more intelligible and almost complete plot. Yes, the dialogue is all voiced. True, the Russian quest was voiced by a Polish studio, which did everything in English. Although there is nothing particularly to regret – the dialogues are mostly simple, at the level of “Boy, evil has come to these parts, but I’m sure you can handle it. Go find my brother, he’ll tell you what to do. And give him this cupcake with mushrooms … “.

Yes, and the plot, let’s say, strange. Butterflies embody evil, capturing the minds of girls, and with the help of hand monsters, they hunt boys, who serve as a source of food for butterfly larvae. The main character named Lars almost became such an incubator boy when he was attacked by his own sister, who was subject to an evil force. But he escaped and is now looking for a way to help her.

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

Rare now game where girls are worse than boys.

On the other hand, there is something in this from unpretentious, but terrible “creepy stories”, and in the plot events you can find references to fairy tales – and it’s not just about the works of the Brothers Grimm like “Hansel and Gretel” and “The Brave Little Tailor” .

But there are also primitive situations comparable to the same level of dialogues. Just imagine: a hefty royal guard finds our Lars next to the corpse of his brother, to whom the hero was carrying a cupcake with mushrooms, and the king now looks menacingly at him – the king’s daughter has disappeared. But after our hero explains the situation with the butterflies, the king sends the boy to fight evil, and not his brave guard. I’m talking about a fairy tale…

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

“Amen” at the end is just not enough.

All the worst for children!

In general, at first Creepy Tale 2 just gives the impression of a quest that was made by three independent developers at a distance, and not an experienced team like Daedalic Entertainment. They try to compensate for this with a gloomy atmosphere and cruelty, which may seem superfluous to some, but to others, on the contrary, appropriate in the atmosphere of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

There are many corpses here.

In any case, this is a rare game today, where there are scenes of killing children. And here the kids are cooked for lunch and dinner – you can even find a recipe book describing what can be made from the “tender, not yet formed biceps of a child.” In some places, of course, too much, but medieval storytellers would probably be happy …

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

They were not too lazy, even several such recipes were invented and described in detail.

Riddles are better. With logic – not always

In addition, riddles themselves improve the attitude towards the game. Although not all – the authors clearly go too far with puzzles that force us to put up a sequence of some kind of runes, signs and patterns, clues to which you need to look for, swearing, on environmental objects. Often, puzzles are easier to pass by typing, and they don’t look too logical, artificial.

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

But the game as a whole looks great.

The riddles seemed much more interesting, logically inscribed in what is happening and suggesting not a detached selection of ridiculous characters, but the use of ingenuity. For example, when we escape from captivity and deal with a family of cannibals, using a knife, a button left on a chair, and a properly prepared poison for this.

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

This is where cruelty comes into play.

Well, in general, the quest part in Creepy Tale 2 has grown significantly compared to the original – a full-fledged inventory has appeared where you can combine items, there are more locations and mysteries, amusing situations and mini-games. For example, the fun, where you need to scare away monsters with a flashlight, clearly refers to the legendary Soviet “Well, wait a minute!” (the one about the wolf and eggs).

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

And here the motives of the hero, who needs to save his sister, and not the beaver, are completely indistinct.

There are also dynamic chases, when you need to run away from reptiles, thinking nervously on the go, and stealth, curiously inscribed in quest mechanics. True, in fact, several levels in a row are built on hide and seek, and those involve repeating the same actions – this may seem like overkill and an attempt to stretch the passage. And yes, to praise a quest in the 21st century for the fact that it has an inventory where you can combine items is also, perhaps, too much, but already on our part.

Creepy Tale 2: Overview

Here there are hide-and-seek and puzzles.

Creepy Tale 2 is not a perfect game. Somewhere the authors lack a sense of tact, somewhere – measures. And some things they seem to be doing just for the sake of a tick in a press release – they say, look, everything has become more. But, firstly, even without any check marks, there is really more of everything. And the game itself has become more beautiful, more diverse, well-voiced and accompanied by atmospheric music. Secondly, three of our compatriots from Creepy Brothers managed the main thing – to make a quest, which, despite all the reservations, is interesting to play. And which is quite consistent with both its name and the gloomy atmosphere of old fairy tales.

Pros: the plot looks naive and primitive in places, but in general it is interesting to follow due to the abundance of various, sometimes creepy situations; many puzzles and mini-games; an interesting combination of stealth and quest; the seasoned atmosphere of the dark fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, which is supported by excellent work with sound and music; nice picture, clearly grown in quality in comparison with the first game.

Cons: a lot of primitive dialogues; some riddles seem artificial, drawn out, or illogical; There is a Russian text, but the voice acting in this Russian quest is only English.

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