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Be a part of the employees of supernatural hunters to unravel a group of murder circumstances on this fascinating hidden object, journey recreation. Look at crime scenes for clues, convey the suspects for questioning and analyze proof to catch the killers. Can you present your detective experience?

Criminal Case Supernatural Mod APK 2.39 (Unlimited All)

Seek and find NOT an escape game. The best game ever!. hard to earn stars to do active. Once I start playing I don't won't to put it down. Love these games I forgot about them and am happy to be playing them again. Fun,.

It is one of the best games and I enjoyed it so much . Amazing game . this game is alright but Gwen makes it 10x better. I love all of the criminal case games but this one is one of my favourites! Please keep making more. . Great fun game.

Love it. Great game! Love the paranormal theme!. Fun. This is my favorite game out of all of them. I wish it never had to end. I love it! Now I'm going to be stuck waiting for reports to be filled out before I can go to the next game which I don't like. Great game! Lots of fun!. I don't know about this game just came to write this....

I enjoy solving cases its a really good game. Really good !. Great. Good. Excited.

Cute fun game... You never know what's going to happen next!. Horrible game, no brutal or interesting deaths, plus case #1 takes too long, it reavhes up to 3 chapters??look i apologize for the comment but i recommend for you guys to make solving cases more shorter?i mean.. 3 or above chapters for the 1st case... yeah.. sounds like too much sorry.. It's a good game full of suprises. So much fun. The paranormal is a fun twist.. Love playing.

I love this game. For me its the most awesome detective game.. I really like this game but the pinch to zoom feature is useless cause I play it on my computer and its not necessary. The tutorial is messed up for the fact it cannot be skipped. Please fix this!. Why does it take so long for the lab to do stuff? 9 hours all the way to 24 that you have to wait unless you pay. That's ridiculous. You need to seriously consider that because most people that play games want to play for more than 10 minutes before having to wait for something.. Good. Love all Criminal Case games except Travel in Time but Supernatural will not run properly. It keeps freezing up. Some scenes won't play at all and I have to jump ahead a few steps and find a tablet it will work on and play catchup. I really wish they would fix it..

All these cold cases are great.. It's good. Cool. Love it !!. Awesome game! But you're energy level goes down really fast..

I love criminal case, personally. all the deaths and cases you have to solve, no matter the brutal level, it's very strategic, and I love it. This one wasnt one of my favorites, but I still loved it. Hoping for a season 9 , no joke. :).. this game is great. Love it I love finding missing and solving puzzles. I am enjoying playing this game!. This game is fun and relaxing. I love that it's interactive as well.

Geeat Game i love there Murder. Don't like the addition after the game is solved.. I LOVE THIS GAME SOOOOO MUCH HAVING SO MUCH FUN.. Interesting and fun. It's exciting and good for your memory, having some trouble with the phone but it should be alright.

Always wanted to see how you can be a detective and it's fun.. Funny and fun.. When I look at this game, it reminds me of the Supernatural show that was on CW Pretty Simple.. Good game!!!! I love hidden objects games!!!!. Fun.

Love these games . Love love the supernatural mojo's and all..this criminal case is the best out of all others. Great game to play. Gripping drama with brutal supernatural murders. Vampires, Werewolves... as a hunter can you catch the killers? Great locations where anything could be lurking. But which is more deadlier? Supernatural or an ordinary person?. You guys should really reduce recharge time from 2 mins to 1 min for a single energy. It takes 40 mins to get enough energy for 1 game, and it gets used up in less than a minute, which is frankly stupid. Also why there is only one way to save game? I don't mind Facebook but I don't actually use that site much, only have a dummy account to save this..

This game is special I love this game every crime scene every victim and killer ooh I don't know what to say but this game is the greatest game ever . So fun to follow different stories. Pretty cool game. Call this CSI: Supernatural. Just as fun as the original with the supernatural twist..

Not for me. Tried and quickly uninstalled.. I like this game. I am totally having fun with this game. It is awesome and the developers have done a great job.. Love that they have created different styles and stories for this game.. Love this game always fun to play.

Great time passer I would do five stars if u didn't run out of energy and had to wait 2 days til u can start second location. Kelamaan nunggu bintang. Amizing Exparience this game ,. Great game love all the mystery u get to solve.. Love it!!!.

I've been playing CC for years and this one so far is the most interesting one! It took me half a year to finish this season (cause I like to play slowly and take time) and I'm really glad to give it a go Kinda sad tho that I'm almost at the finish line and my heart breaks for some of the characters Highly recommended for ppl who wanna play a chill, investigating thriller game with an amazing line up and stories! . This is fun. Not many ads to deal with.. Excellent. It takes WAY to long to analyze evidence. 15 hours for some. They want you to pay to speed it up. It takes a week to solve one case.. I love playing games like this.

. Great. Yes great. It is taking a long time to download but I like it, it makes me feel like a police and detective.. Wow! That a great app I like the game I love all types criminal case....

The game is OK. But to many adds. They charge $7.99 to get rid of them. That crazy. Way to expensive. The each game charges 20 lightning bolts and your meter only holds 110 lightning bolt unless you want to spend more money increasing to 170. I understand that it's a business and they need to make money but come on there's a limit to everything. I'd understand $1.99 but not $7.99. So sad cause it's a decent game. The greed just turns you off.. Great storyline great characters love this wish they made a chapter 2345. y cant i get on my laptop i tried to download it on my labtop. same as crimnal case,does not zoom, no hard I tried,useless!. Very very intelligent n game.

Great game to pass time.. love this game. Best so far, very addictive though.. What a game. Its a fun game.

Great game. Nice!. Love it!!. Its a great game , better than the rest of criminal case games. Entertaining to play.

I really like this game but what I don't like is how you take energy. 20 is too much energy to take but you refill it time by time and that is okay .the energy is why I gave you 4 stars. Passes the time. Fun fun. Extraordinary. Masterful job keep up the good work please and thanks, Ms. Cathy Benjamin..

Not fun. Game is good but very time consuming 1. Wonderful. I like solving these i play 5 other games like this. I just love playing games like this..

Enjoy . This is an amazing game I would had given it 5stars but because of the time you have to wait for your energy to refill l give this game a 4str. AWSOME GAME.. Why do I have to have three friends also be playing that game to babble to play the next case? Silly rule.. Great fun.

Good fun. I really enjoy playing these Criminal Case games.. Good game. This release from yhe criminal case brand is fun and has elements that will keep you coming back for more. Was running this game for a while, then it started running these ads that simply hung up once you dismissed them. Went ahead and uninstalled the game. I am on a Google Chromebook laptop..

I a good game . Fun fun. I love this game because its challenging and very helpful for my mind thinking and also helpful seeing small objeck .. Whenever I log in my progress into anothr gadget, not all my progress loads. For example, my mailbox that's supposed to have 99+ mails. It's just frustrating to know that I'll have to collect 99+ mails again.. Other than quite a few ads! Good game! Interesting game! But won't pay extra to eliminate the ads!.

Relaxing. Wow! Graphic is great. Nice game don't like having to spend money. Good game. I liked the game just by looking at it's icon..

Annoying ads. Continues to play an annoying fake ad for a stupid money game you all know... The Chinese ones that lie. Yeah those. And no matter how much I click on it it will not go away and I can not play the game for it. Rating this game 5 stars so hopefully some people will see this and avoid this game with annoying spam ads. This game deserves a 0 star rating. Deleting game now.... entertaining. Great game I love it. Love brilliant good brain train8ng well 4 me anyway thxs. It is a very nice game i love it.

Only face. Book is the problem if you don't put it in the 2 case i will love to continue but any ways it is the most supernatural game like it very much but because of this problem i have to give you 4 stars. AWESOME. Like It. It's a great game really fun. I love this game .

This is a nice game... But it needs improvement... - sometimes it doesn't give 20 even when I see a ad for it... - the extra boost or power we get through spinwheel should be stored somewhere so that we can use it by own choice... - when reached the next level,110 should be added to the current energy bar rather than a refill... We will get better experience of the game!. It's like all the other criminal case games. The only thing I find frustrating is I level up but don't get all rewards because the meter is still full with 110. I think we should get that 110 added to what I already have. Also the meter should go up after 10 levels not stay 110 go up to 115 or 120. Don't go commercial free!! It only work for a couple of games, and if you get a new phone it doesn't transfer! What a joke. Was given a fix for commercial free.. Interesting game. Would love to play this game but I don't even get the chance, once I install and load up I'm met with the privacy policy part and says "click OK to accept and play" however absolutely nowhere on the screen gives the option to click the "OK" button. Love Criminal Case games.

The game is good but need more ads to watch. I love all the Criminal Case games, supernatural is my favourite. Xx. Favorite game. I like supernatural shows, so, this game is fitting for I also like puzzles.. Today I'm complete my whole game what a good name .

Zoom in on cigarette, won't move forward,please Help. Great game i really enjoy it. Very good.. Nice but take a lot of time to solve a case .After the cases are solved additional information required which are mostly unwanted ....A case takes maximum 1 week ...... slow as a snail.

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