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CRSED Mobile is a brutal online shooter with melee weapons, firearms, magic rituals, and supernatural powers. Choose considered one of many distinctive champions with breathtaking explicit individual superpowers, like slowing down time or turning proper right into a beast. Battle on, in all probability, essentially the most picturesque corners of Earth in the direction of the chances and be the ultimate man standing. Go proper right into a battle solo or with mates.

Cheap firearms are, in all probability, the most straightforward technique to get rid of enemies; nevertheless, remember to utilize magic to realize a bonus. Draw seals collectively along with your blood or conducts historical rituals, throw hex baggage at enemies and use your extraordinary power. You probably can flood the whole map or set off the Photo voltaic to eclipse, prepare traps, summon zombies or teleport yourself or others to flee from a battle. Nevertheless, first, one desires to collect sinner souls by killing enemies; that’s the one technique to pay for the magic in CRSED.

CRSE Cuisine Royale Mod APK (Free Shopping)

Geaphics are outstanding.. controls feels like more of pc than mobile so they are bit sluggish. The setting is so reminicient to far cry 5 i hope one day we can play story mode on it as well. Very good game Can't wait to see what they do next . Great Port, lacks in only a couple places. I love the game great graphics great play ability learning curve isn't horrible either but we need to be able to make custom control layouts and change button opacity and things like that. If it weren't for that one main thing I'd give this a 5* review. i loved this game, but I can't add friends in squad mode and there is no controls hud customization please add this option.. Where Gyroscope?Please improve the control replacement setting.. Best shooter ever on console or mobile. Thank you for making this for mobile. And you, that rely on beast power and rituals to make kills... you have no skill..

Wow nice from pc to mobile version. Right now for me this Games is Garbage but if U Add a Settings where we can Edit/Customize Controlls and Add Gyroscope could be Great. Game's good but still it needs improvement and enable cross play ASAP. Combat intense battle royal. Fun AF so far.. Need a good tpp view,it's too close to the charector.

Battle royal with pay to win mechanics, how fun! Seems decent enough but can't get on board with p2w in a friggin BR game. This will die off quick. A shame, has a kind of cool theme to it. Also no gyro aiming? In 2023? Nah man..nah.. Esta muy bien. Es una experiencia nueva en un battle royale. Lo malo esque no se pueden configurar los botones, el inventario es algo molesto cuando quiero deslizar para ver las cosas que tengo, no se pueden configurar los grficos en tiempo real porque me dice que hay que reiniciar el juego. Aun no entiendo bien como funciona el juego, pero de entretenido lo est. ROFLMAO BUG ALL BLACK .>> BAD PORTING. Please add a HUD controls editor and ill rate it 5 stars. It's a good game, give it a try..

Where is Gyroscope? Controls are messy.... control must be arranged. if there is an update .please it's hard to use the control, you can't separate it because the rules stay like that . but graphics can be changed. that's beautiful .please fix the control, it's hard to use. Honestly I didn't experienced mobile port of PC game this bad since warface come out When we talk about gameplay itself it's horrible experience. No custom controls, gyro missing, laggy ADS and vehicles...vehicles are so useless, you can barely get them moving or they start going backwards when trying to go forward, tires have no grip with texture of world at all. Gunplay is bad, visuals are terrible, this game is just disappointment before starting first match You have lot of stuff to improve. I'm ready to download the game if the size was 10+GB...I don't like downloading inside the game... boring to wait... either we should have options to download full game vua play store or inside..i would select full game via playstore..i hate waiting downloading in-game. Amazing graphics, I love everything about this port. Tho, I do highly recommend using some sort of third-party cooling device for best results. Otherwise, the FPS are pretty inconsistent. ( high Temps lead to frame drop ) and please make it more clear that there is full controller support. ( at least for android that I'm aware of ) it plays fine with touch it just feels much better whilst I'm using my ps4 controller. Gunplay is amazing, and it the AA isn't to strong. 10/10 recommend.

One of the best games coming straight from PC with magic and wonder if you can be patient enough for the little twisted leaning curve beside that it's cool n ffunnny and very very entertaining.. You need to optimise the game because I get a lot of drop fps my phone is pixel 4a Then you need to add gyroscope and option of custom layout of button that's all If you do this it will be the best game ever. I'm surprised this game runs so smooth on my device, looks amazing. I can see myself sinking a lot of time on this game when the ability to customize controls gets in the game. The graphics are good but the control maybe adding a costum setting for that I will recommend this to high ram like 8-16 couse the graphics and better game play. Nice try. But need tencent to tweak the game.

im telling you, give it a little more time and itll blow up, there are lots of rooms for improvements, customizable control is in V.I.P of course. Can't sign in just stuck on that screen, I'm using Google pixel 7 pro, can the dev tell me if this device is compatible or not?. is this game on the app store. It's the worst battle royal for mobile, and I had hopes for this....but the worst br games do better then this, devs should release this game when they fix it. I never uninstalled a br game so fast...please no one waste there time downloading this. I would give no stars if possible.. The game is pretty good.. it was fun to play. I hope this game have control layout to change control layout because it was hard to control using default control layout... And this game still don't have many player.. I hope you guys can promote your game everywhere at any platform . Amazing!! ... "BUT" .... Can you add an adjustable "HUD" I don't enjoy the "HUD" that you have added both the normal & 3 finger claw, a customizable "HUD" would be better, could you please add one plus it would be nicer for my Live streams as I'm always reloading or jumping when there's "NO" need to be again please add an Adjustable "HUD" thank you.

I loved every thing in your game but No customizable HUD.(atleast fix this) And I dnt know how to do the ritual(this I can bear).. There's a lot of potential in this game, I played it on console and it's fun. The only few things to do is that make available to move buttons, on one fight it was so intense that I pressed the wrong button while I wanted to press another one but both are almost together!. the biggest disadvantage in this game is that you cant make control for yourself, Im used to playing with 4 fingers, but theres no way to change the location of the buttons, you can only select the 3-finger function but its not very convenient, a very big request to the developers to make it possible to change or make for yourself controls. It looks really really fun. However, Its not as fun as it could be due to a few issues. Controls are not customizable, shooting and immediately ADS'ing should be optional, and no gyroscope. Basically, more customizability for the player, and it should be amazing.. Game is really missing lots of features, maybe working more on the maps, UI and delaying the graphics till the game is polished might actually make it as great as the pc version..

The game is decent however the controls are a bit wierd would you add some custom controlls. The game keeps crashing when entering a match. This looks like work in progress, but I support the development! this game is amazing on PC, we need more players :). Didn't get pass sign in option.....duhhh. add gyroscope in the game Devs... It's really difficult to aim at your enemies. and just work on characters'animation and it's actions..

The forgotten bsttle royale is now on mobile. He is not deserve 1 star rating . The graphics are great but could you guys add more cover in empty fields I know on pc it benifits from tall foliage and crop fields but on mobile it's quite empty so it would be great if any coverage added.. Have had nothing but a great experience so far! Gameplay is smooth on my OnePlus 7t and the game is a blast!. Please add to Customize control and game graphics improvement.

The battle pass is way too costly. same graphics and same mechanics as those from PC and console now that it's also out on mobile I can play it even away from home thank you very much!. Almost perfect but the game crashes. Need more improve. Add customized option for control fixed the servers for better ping. In file downloding failed many times.

the game graphics and physics are beautiful! . It needs more months of development It's lagging and the server is crushing The scope mechanics is not good at all And maybe make the map more bigger I fell this game has potential this is why i commented And also driving is not god The game need a lot of fixing. Can't even login to the game. Loved this game on my PS5 can't wait to see how I hold up on mobile.. I played the first match it's great but I'm not getting 60Fps constantly even if I lower the graphics on my Snapdragon 750G. Add gyroscope and customise layout option..

Assets don't load (houses, walls, ect.) I play it on PC and it's obviously better on there but still I had high hopes for it to do better on mobile, i don't know if it's just me that this is happening to. everything was on max but still nothing loads. Hopefully this gets resolved soon.. Dope game that was originally on console. It would be great if we can customize the touch controls.. Question, why won't the graphics load? I can't see houses, and the screen flashes black. Worst game waste of time and net......

Not bad not bad at al! Love battle royal type games. Plays fine on my pixel 6a.. How the hell you can't customize the Control HUD you should fix it in the next update cus you should be able to do that.

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