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For lovers of beautiful cars and breathtaking racing, a new game CSR Racing 2 has been created. The game is amazing with its next generation 3D graphics. All cars in the game look absolutely realistic.

CSR Racing 2 Codes (2022 December) 4.2.0
List of Codes Expiration date
EMY0T7UN8VI August 22, 2022
PT9ARSD5LI August 4, 2022
SFQW687V3 July 9, 2022
2V4RTIYLCXJ September 1, 2022
E89YHPLFD2GQ July 11, 2022
QIZTLCBO941 July 30, 2022

Players are given the opportunity to choose their car in the same way as in real life. What car color do you prefer? Red, blue or green? Have you chosen? Next, choose the wheels, brakes and interior design. To give your car a special uniqueness, add individual license plates as desired. During the game itself, you can improve your car as many times as you like, install parts, in general, do not forget about tuning. Get under the hood, check your tire pressure, change your nitrous timing and gear ratios, and more.

In addition to pumping the car itself, players have the opportunity to build, albeit virtual, but the garage of their dreams. In it you will put the best of the best examples of your cars.

The game itself is a drag racing competition. On them you will be able to show your car in all its glory. And maybe even surprise yourself with the possibilities of your unique supercar. Gather the best racers in your team and compete in the world team drag racing competition. Rush on the car you created faster than the wind to the podium of victory!

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