Codes New - Updated on July 31, 2022

Cyberlords: Arcology Free is an exciting role-playing game where you have to free the world from the oppression of machines and technology. Together with your allies, you must overthrow the invaders of Asgard.

List of Gift Codes Expiration date
31MPLX0RJ9C September 6, 2022
H27XGWAZMK September 10, 2022
NLK5C2VTO September 22, 2022
IT28C5XGWB9 September 20, 2022
WOE0H4VATG6S September 25, 2022
25YQL9UJST1 September 18, 2022

Actions take place in the distant future, where huge corporations gradually enslave people by implanting them with tracking devices. Most resigned themselves to such a fate, but you can lead the resistance to the system! There is still a chance, control over the bodies is still with their owners. You will receive superpowers, and with the help of genetic engineering, gather a group of brave ones and go into battle. Mine the enemy’s lair, send your cyber warriors to destroy the enemy’s computer networks. The choice of tactics is yours: use your wits, or enter from the front door. Breathtaking game in online mode – choose your team of true friends. Bonus – you can use the pause at any time. Choose the weapon that suits you from 20 types and improve. Do not let humanity bend under the villains!

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