Cyborg Immortal Codes [2024 July]

Updated on June 27, 2024

In the futuristic world of Cyborg Immortal, codes hold the key to power and immortality. These complex algorithms and sequences govern the advanced technology that sustains the cyborgs’ existence. Each code is carefully crafted by the elite programmers, unlocking hidden abilities and enhancing the cyborgs’ capabilities. But the codes also come with a price, as they can be manipulated and exploited by those seeking to control or destroy the cyborgs. The battle for supremacy rages on, with the codes as the ultimate weapon.

New valid for Cyborg Immortal Codes

Codes Rewards
Get Code 1. Nanotech Armor 2. Quantum Core 3. Plasma Rifle 4. Cybernetic Enhancements
Get Code 1. Legendary sword 2. Bag of gold 3. Diamond-encrusted armor 4. Ruby-studded crown 5. Enchanted shield
Get Code 1. Nano-enhanced sword for ultimate slashing power. 2. Bag of cybernetic implants to enhance abilities. 3. Pile of gold for upgrading bionic implants.

Cyborg Immortal Tier List

Tier S:

- Cyborg Assassin: A highly agile and deadly assassin who excels at moving swiftly within the battlefield, picking off enemies one by one. Their skillset includes stealth abilities and powerful melee attacks.

Tier A:

- Cyborg Tank: A durable frontline fighter capable of soaking up damage and protecting their teammates. They have high health and defensive abilities to withstand enemy assaults.

- Cyborg Sniper: A sharpshooter with exceptional accuracy and long-range capabilities. They can take out enemies from a distance with precision and deadly efficiency.

Tier B:

- Cyborg Engineer: A versatile support character who specializes in deploying turrets, healing allies, and providing strategic buffs to their team. They are crucial for team coordination and survivability.

- Cyborg Bruiser: A melee-oriented brawler with strong close-range attacks and crowd control abilities. They can disrupt enemy formations and draw attention away from squishier teammates.

Tier C:

- Cyborg Hacker: A specialist in manipulating enemy technology and disrupting their defenses. They can hack into enemy structures and systems, causing chaos and confusion on the battlefield.

- Cyborg Medic: A healer class focused on keeping their team members alive during intense battles. They can provide constant healing and support to ensure the team's survival.

Tier D:

- Cyborg Scout: A reconnaissance specialist skilled at gathering information and scouting enemy positions. They have high mobility but low combat effectiveness, making them more suited for gathering intel than direct combat.

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