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Meet ladies from D4DJ’s fashions: Glad Spherical!, Peaky P-key, Photon Maiden, Merm4id, RONDO, and Lyrical Lily! Pay attention to each unit’s distinctive sound and persona! Experience completely customizable rhythm gameplay! Downside your self with troublesome beatmaps, or go completely hands-free with Viewers Mode! You might play this sport by any means diploma! Play in aggressive Events in the direction of different avid gamers for a spot on the leaderboards! Get rewards and distinctive members for participating!

D4DJ Groovy Mix Mod APK 4.5.70

Lovely collaborations from amazing video game and anime music. The gameplay is very unique that isn't seen in other rhythm games! Would love to see more exciting character designs to summon for.. I can't play the game because I'm stuck at the title menu and I kept tapping the screen and it's not working. The other buttons except clear cache isn't working. Pls fix it, I love D4DJ, I would rate this 5 stars.. the game is good the music sounds good, but theres a problem it says that my account is suspended for saying something "bad" even tho i didnt do anything wrong.. idk if this is a bug but please fix it.. overall the game is good! . It was a bit glitchy and in some parts of the song it would freeze but overall its nice. Denonbu in en when please...... I'm crying..... Tama my prescious ; . This game is so fun and addicting! After watching the anime, I got addicted and inspired! I love this game..

Anime was good would watch again. To me this is probably the second best thing that I've ever played psk is also good i could not download that game but this is an amazing Good keep it up. Best game but there is new ye4rs (merm4id) event song in story when i click on it and when i try to close app open app then i still hear it so pls fix this problem. It's a good game and at the first try I got the hang of it and now I'm starting to do the songs hard mode.. Amazing. I found out about this from one of my tiktok friends and now i can't stop playing it!.

This game have crazy music like Hardcore, the chart look so cool and hard to play. But i dont think why they not adding retry features. Overall D4DJ is good. It's great But the downloads take way too long . LOVE LOVE THIS GAME MWAH. NAGISA <333333 ANYWAYS I'm rank 150 and I think this is the best. You will not regret your decision!!! The writing is great. The character designs are so unique and just feel completely different to most rhythm games which drew me in !! And there's choice for groups. Cannot recommend anymore!!. I LOVE THIS DAM GAME BRO , ONE OF MY FAV RHYTMH (sorry by the bad grammar ) GAMES . No welcome rewards for returning players like me?.

I love this game srs, the anime and songs very nice for me! I will wait for another one. I HAD LOTS OF FUN WOOO. in hard I'm a pro at hard so that's why I give it a five stars. So far its really good but im not games like these so my opinion isn't entirly valid. Its great, but the problems that im having is the backround, i played Project sekai and the characters just appear and it never bothered me but now the characters are just everywhere bothers me and also makes the game lag so much, i need to make characters stop appearing if theres any button like that please tell me where the hell is it, if there isnt any add it please.

Decently good, I think the songs could be a bit better tho. This game is amazing I have played it sense I was 7 like best game ever!. please add more songs like d4dj in jp server!!. I love the characters they are so cute!. Coming back after a year! This game really improved a lot but when I come back to this game my old account just gone but I already connect to Twitter and still cannot log in pls and at least it can connect to Google play account..

HELP ME PLEASE!!! I CAN'T GET IN!! I'M STUCK AT THE LOADING SCREEN. I CHECKED MY INTERNET STRENGTH BUT IT WAS ABOVE 1MB/S AND EVERY TIME I CLICK IT WON'T LET ME IN!!! IT JUST KEEP SAYING CONNECTING AND CONNECTING IN THE BOTTOM LEFT OF THE SCREEN!! I CLICK ONCE THE "CONNECTING" IS GONE BUT IT WON'T LET ME PLAY THE GAME BECAUSE I'M STUCK! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! IT'S SO BORING WITHOUT THIS PLEASE!!!!!. It is amazing!! I only started playing it cause it reminded me of of bandori but know I'm so obsessed with it!. The is good enough but sometimes it's frame in the middle gameplay. Really Really fun so much cool songs . I love everything abt the game no questions asked .

I played the game because I love the anime,although the difficulty is harder than any other rhythm game I've played, it is still fun when you get the hang of it, I gave it 4 star because there are some songs that is just impossible to play in harder mode. Why does the "Tell us more" say "Is this app good for learning piano?" For every rhythm game! This ain't no Mozart or Beethoven.. Its a verte fun game to play without friends. I love the game game if u try it. But I wish they had a cover with lyrillily with their faces like the other groups. The songs are good and people complain about the mechanics even though their not that hard to use. A very fun game if you would want something like project sekai! I mostly want the song playing ngl, the story isnt interesting to me because i feel lazy to read, but great game!!.

With my phone it's is very easy to play expert and hard on the live I love this game but bushiroad make more miiko cards please . A pretty good rhytm game and the girls are really goddamn cute. Definitely a must play for me.... Great game, didn't recover my save data however.. I will play anymore I been waiting for my account recovery but no reply, sorry if i being rush but ,this is not an offence but devs are slow to be honest, sorry if you're busy or something but like i say im not offending,you may be thinking im just want a random dude account but thats mine who got accidentally overwrite by me, i just want my account recover . please give me new just please.... I will wait till 3 months if not i will quit ( I don't really know if you care though).. This game was puting me to the test I had s fun time playing this was a great way to have the in-game events na dsi mush more. I was really happy to play this. The one downfall I have is just when you tap the note it say that you miss it. It's quite a bug I keep seeing..

really fun and joyful game! girls are just the cutest, love their stories as well!! . This is my 2nd review about this game, and yes, absolutely beautiful, one of the best rhythm game I've played. I'm hoping I can save my data on Googleplay since in this game it isn't supported. I've lost my data but it's fine, I'm just playing for fun. Wifu's, gameplay and songs. Indeed a well made game, thank you devs. Its an amazing game! Althou my problem is whenever i accidentally deleted the game and i dindtgot to make a like share code, i always loose all my progress! When i redownload it, it starts from the very first!. I loove this game! Its so fun and cute. I LOVE MERM4ID!!! i love how hyper and upbeat their songs are, exactly my jam! their rhythm game is the hardest part of it and I'm glad they have an auto option free of charge. I like the auto for letting me keep the notes as bgm. i love the effects of the slider especially, the song feels so 3d!.

One of the best rhythm games I have ever played. It's great! It's a little hard but it's nice!. I have been obsessed with D4DJ since the show came out. The show is sweet and i can't wait for the next part. The game is also fun and the cards are so cute. Along with the outfits. I love how every group is different. My only problem is that it won't let me play the lives. It lets me pick a song and level put when i try to hit notes it freezes and sometimes when I'm in the middle of playing it freezes and the music keeps going anf i end up in some random part. So annoying.. Iloverondoiloverondo But I Dont like a pink that :'). I love this app bc i got costumes!.

i love this bcs its lesbian LMAOOO (/hj this is a really cool game yall shoudl try it). This is a great game, and it was incredible to play! The input is fantastic, songs aren't that bad, and overall just a fun game with new mechanics. Although, if you wre allowed to skip the tutorial, that would be nice. Would also like if all the content was in from the start, because it suffers from "Simpsons tapped out data hell". Aside from those 2 little things, it's a good game :). Absolutely amazing, it sometimes lag tho like when your in the middle of the game and the characters will pop out it lags. gacharates incorrect. I had 83 pulls in the 2nd anniversary gacha banner ( which should mean 6% for a 4star unit) and did not pull a single 4 star unit. Enjoyable only for people that dont care about gachasystem. Feels wonderful to waste 25000 diamonds for absolutely nothing. Also the bingo battles going on dont really work, I hot suspended because I got thrown out of matching multiple times. After a free solo show I also could not get to the rewards page. I get punished for nothing.. I lost my account about 3 months ago, I've tried to send an email but until now no response. Unfortunately although I really like the game. Can you guys help me get my account back? Please I miss Rinku :(.

Great gameplay, songs are good, the gacha is okay, unless youre a waifu hunter theres no reason to spend since score doesnt matter, just like bandori, the big problem is the main menu, each press we need to send a signal to mars and back because its so laggy for no reason, and multi live keeps disconnecting. Edit: the game suspends me from multi live because of their own fault, its crazy. This game is fun. But the best parts are the small details that allow you to just play around as a wannabe dj. Medley mode lets you make your own set list, outfits/stage pieces can mix'n'match, noteblock sounds can be customized to meows, and dj mode lets you just play around with the music and dj effects. Even the weird pink slider changes the effect based on position. Mess with easing and change the song's sound as you like (just hit the note in the end). It's fun.. I actually like this game really much, but the problem is whenever i get a card somehow i dont see it in my member list, i also lost half of my cards when i was about to start the growth.. This probably one of the, if not, the best rhythm game ever. It's really fun and doesn't get boring, there's so many fun things you can do in this game. My only complaint is that sometimes it doesn't register your tap on the rhythm game part.. It's fun to play though I'm a bit confused on what to do with the other menu options and how to upgrade the characters..

Found another great rhythm games for android good work dudes and Merry Christmas . Better than other rhythm games and really fun!. WHAT THE HELLLLLL, KOKOA AND HAYATE IS KOIBITO??????? THIS TWO ARE LESBIAN?????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, THIS CUTE PEOPLE IS LESBIANNNNNNN. It's a really enjoyable game and its super cute <3. Is Good game but I got annoying to download files lmaoo.

Allowing auto play for most all gameplay was a dumb idea. So if you like actually playing the game then don't plan on ranking very high. Only the people that use auto play and don't actually play the game get high ranks. But it's still a fun game.. I love this game so much. It's really a good game I must say. The gameplay, the stories, the events, are really amazing. But I somehow I can't open the app for some reason. I kept stuck on the title screen. I kept tapping it but nothing happened.. What should I do??. *sigh* i can't belive i fell down another gacha rabbit-hole. Good game good music cute characters even for a girl like me i found them cute.

its fun and great, but you need to add a retry button. its really annoying if you wanna full combo a song but then you miss and cant retry. game is good and addictive, the characters are endearing, however my only complaint is that the removed dias from tiers. also localisation is cringe and management is sloppy. I wanna start this off saying, I love this game! I've only just started playing but I think I'll be playing for a long time. The art for the girls are so beautiful, like all of them are so gorgeous! The songs are fun to play and sound effects for the taps are really satisfying. The flick notes on this one is actually not annoying, a miracle for me as I absolutely despise them. It also rewinds a little bit when you pause and resume your gameplay which helps you prepare. Not enuf space, gud game. i just rlly like this game tbh even though it makes me so mad whenever i mess up its still really fun to play. Fix it I can't play upload more Higurashi no kokoroni songs.

I really like this game , the music , characters , story etc etc . The game is very challenging for me which i really like (lol) , def recommend . Its a bit laggy but its a good game. It's really fun to play! I personally love this game, but it gets really laggy and it glitches a lot, but it's still fun. The style is super cute I mean the clothing is interesting but cute at the same time.. Menus are opening slowly, everything else is superb . The game is great, and the graphics are just the cherry on the cake but sometimes the audio cues from your party members make the entire game lag, making it near impossible to play at times. The only way to avoid this is to turn off as many effects as possible. Sometimes the game refuses to update on Google Play and you have to restart your device, and these kind of rhythm games tend to disagree with devices (especially my Xiaomi phone) but overall I love the gameplay and the stories :). It's a fun game to play casually and you can enjoy it with little effort if you want..

Hope we get a colab that i'll like. been playing this for almost a week and i enjoyed it much more than i expected, had great experience with the app and i absolutely love the songs and the story. One thing that's always bothering me tho is how it often downloads data and is filling up my space and had to clean up everytime but overall, it's good enough. The gameplay and stories are fun. Kyoko Yamate (she is the best character in this game I love her sm). I really like how sometimes it gives free stickers and its pretty good and the designs or unique for me i really like the events and everything and im really glad sometimes it gives away u free diamonds and free Gacha pulls and ofc bc i liked it i will give u 5 stars.

This game is so cool and super easy to use. Litterally a copy of project sekai but i like it.. The date for anniversary event not specific ... I love the gameplay and the characters are adorable (I am not a NPC lmao). You need internet to play this game for anyone who was wondering but otherwise good game. There is a lot of songs and some of them are really challenging which is what I like. The story is also very interesting and fun to read. Five stars .

I'd recommend this game over any gacha idol games. D4dj's setting is by far has THE GREATEST setting you could imagine. You can have (almost perfect) offset setting, changing playfield position, combo position, note size, note opacity, playfield opacity, heck, it even allow you to change the playfield length and width. Overall whether you are new or experienced at rhythm game, this game offers the best experience at its core gameplay. (Gacha part always suck at all rhythm idol games). Personally me i love rythm games, and i love challanging myself to do things, and this is a good rythim game, 5 stars im loving it. . I really love this game I've been playing awhile now but I really suggest can play also at offline mode so it can still continue the progress without the wifi. I loves the game,it's not crashing. BUT, there's one thing that I wanted to complains about, when I wanted to change the characters costumes, the costumes wasn't available even if I had the skin. Sorry but this is terrible for me. (Sorry if there's some grammar).

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