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Dark Deity is one of the games that can be called love letters to Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics and other Japanese classics of strategic and tactical RPGs. But, unlike, for example, Rise Eterna, in Dark Deity the authors managed to make an interesting and balanced game.

With a sword and a kind word!

The employees of the Sword & Ax LLC studio are not trying to shock us with strange plot twists, forcing them to cut out entire villages – in Dark Deity everything is easier and more familiar with this. We play as students of the military academy, who were forced by hard times and the local king to undergo an accelerated course of study and were practically thrown into the thick of hell. They fight with bandits and protect civilians from the army of strangers. In the process, they encounter an insidious necromancer who hunts for powerful and dangerous artifacts. After that, we begin to hunt for him, and with the support of influential sisters from the army of strangers.

Dark Deity: Обзор

Even in the face it is clear that the peasant will be one problem …

Dark Deity takes its toll. There are almost 30 missions – something interesting happens in each, tasks and conditions change (either you need to hold out for so many moves, then you need to save someone, then the squad is forcibly divided, and so on), and new characters almost always join us. In total, three dozen of them are also recruited, but they are allowed to take about half as many with them on a mission. The classic dilemma of who to choose is exacerbated by the fact that they are all interesting and different in their own way, with their own characters and stories. These can be friends and comrades from the academy, and defectors from the camp of the enemy, and the girls we saved from captivity, and influential persons with whom our interests seem to temporarily intersect.

Dark Deity: Обзор

On the right, if anything, mom, on the left – her son. Well, anime doesn’t age, yes.

And everyone in between missions can chat with each other to strengthen bonds – this allows you to receive bonuses in battle when they are nearby. And in these conversations for life, characters just appear, stories from the past or present are told and remembered – someone, for example, discusses the features of summoning magical pets or other people’s combat skills, offering help in training; someone is flirting. And one natural-born killer with daggers told a newcomer to the squad that the last man who didn’t look at her like that died from grievous bodily injuries. And then she smiled: “Yes, I’m joking, relax.”

Dark Deity: Обзор

I wonder if he’ll pick her up or not.

Given the number of missions and characters, you can imagine how many topics the wards have time to discuss and how much in the process they all, let’s say, come to life, acquire unique features, become closer to us and to each other – or, conversely, move away if jokes or flirting come in in the wrong direction, or people just don’t get along. In any case, it is interesting to follow these conversations and mini-stories (each character is free to communicate with any other, and these are always new themes and lines).

Dark Deity: Обзор

There are plenty of braggarts here.

When quantity is not at the expense of quality

On the other hand, it happens that you don’t have to choose whom to take on a mission. Simply because many beginners are initially higher level than those with whom you have already completed many missions and to whom you have become attached to the soul. And, surprisingly, there is no grind in Dark Deity – you can’t replay previous missions for the sake of experience and money and generally choose where to move on the map. This is both the gift and the curse of the game. On the one hand, everything is more dynamic, succinctly and according to the plot, without a dull grind for many. On the other hand, as I said, this limits the ability to specifically pump your pets.

Heroes gain new levels right in the battle, and if they have accumulated enough of them, they can immediately choose a new class. And here, in the class system, the authors of Dark Deity also take quantity. Having reached a certain level, each fighter can choose from four new specializations at once, and then from four more. As a result, there are 54 classes and their variations for three dozen characters.

Experience is given even if we take damage.

And in each case, the choice is very important – specializations are fundamentally different from each other. We get increases or penalties to the main characteristics, other skills and equipment. For example, an ordinary shooter can become a witch hunter (also with a bow, but on horseback – the movement range is higher), or he can go to “drifters”, which change small arms for axes. And an ordinary cleric is offered to choose between an inquisitor with a huge hammer, a priest focused exclusively on healing, a protector again on a horse, and an acolyte thirsting for magical power.

Dark Deity: Обзор

Archers, as usual, are especially valuable.

This opens up a lot of scope in setting up the party – you can always change it flexibly and try new combinations. The uniqueness of the characters is also influenced by the very artifacts around which the plot revolves. They are called aspects and provide bonuses – alternatively, they reduce magic damage from enemies or increase the damage dealt by allies if they have good relationships and are close to each other. And some aspects add some intrigue – for example, they randomly reduce or increase damage by 30%.

Animations can be skipped.

In addition, we are free to upgrade weapons. Attached to each class are four of the many types of weapons – bows, crossbows, short or long swords, spears, maces, axes, daggers, knives, and so on. All have different indicators of damage, accuracy, weight (affects speed), critical strike chance. In between missions, you can change equipment and upgrade it using tokens collected in battles or bought in the store. And the cooler it gets, the more powerful tokens are needed for the next upgrades. Such a combination of classes and types of weapons is only good for the game.

Dark Deity: Обзор

Weapons are divided into categories.

The battles themselves take place according to the classic Fire Emblem scheme – we move our fighters close to the enemies in cells in order to attack and start the animation. Although arrows and magicians can hit through one or two cells. The tactic is to distribute who, whom and when attacks, while you need to cover each other, finish off the wounded enemies and heal your own. But unlike the same Rise Eterna, in Dark Deity the battles are better balanced and always keep in suspense. Often, our wards receive critical damage and leave the battlefield – this leads to injuries and a permanent decrease in one or another characteristic.

Dark Deity: Обзор

Now there will be a critical hit.

You can compensate for this with special potions that are sold in the store between missions and permanently increase the characteristics. True, such miraculous drugs are very expensive.

The farther, the more unusual and strong opponents.

I repeat, Dark Deity is not trying to shock and reinvent the wheel, but diligently and efficiently works out the classic, obligatory program in this case, managing to contribute something of its own. The game relies on an abundance of weapons, classes and characters that actively communicate with each other.

Pros: not the most original, but addictive plot; a lot of interesting characters in their own way who actively communicate with each other; a lot of missions with different conditions; classic gameplay in the spirit of Fire Emblem; the game is doing well with the appearance and music.

Cons: not all dialogues are voiced; there are problems with the interface; there are bugs.

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