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Play these fantastic object-finding video games filled with puzzles, thoughts teasers, and mini-games! It’s advisable to search and uncovers hidden objects and win this satisfying search and object sport! It’s been 15 years since a horrible explosion destroyed Ashville. After a harrowing journey, you uncover this story is means from over! The explanation for the blast stays to be unknown, and a person beforehand is reaching out for options! Can you and your new affiliate bridge the time gap and resolve the thriller to save lots of the town sooner than it’s too late? This exhilarating Hidden-Object Puzzle Journey is prepared for you!

Dark Romance: Ashville Mod APK 1.0.7 (Unlimited

I am stuck on the bike by the big bus. Also I can't find a syringe to open the bag. All 3 scenes using a hint says nothing to do here. I paid for this game and it's not working please help. Fun game no issues, colorful graphics will play again.. Played demo..... Mediocre . I bought this game, so I expected to be able to play all of it. At one point, I had to completely restart the game because it wasn't letting me do the castle puzzle. So I restarted and played through up to where I'm currently stuck. I'm in the garage and it won't let me select the items from the bag. Very disappointed and kind of irritated since I paid like $6 for it. Love the game otherwise, but there seem to be some major glitches. I might restart again, but I don't know how invested I am.. Saya mimpi tak pakai mask saat masuk kedai Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Good game but highly overpriced...It should be half the price. Uninstalling.

I have started this game twice now. 1st time the skull ornament disappeared so I could not move on, then the gates of the model building would not open if I closed the game before finishing the puzzle. I was enjoying it till that happened.. Good game with interesting storyline. Good game length that includes a bonus chapter. Good mini games and good HOPs. I had gotten stuck at the town hall with the block on town hall puzzle and had to restart the game. After, I restarted the game. Didnt have a problem. Fun collectibles throughout.. Jennifer Ok. Game locked up at bike.. Fun game. I really enjoy the dark romance series and being able to switch back and forth between characters. Good storyline and length, the HOPs and mini-games were generally challenging without being too difficult, though there was one mini-games that I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do even with following the solution in the strategy guide..

I can't leave the level I'm on, help. Mohamad talking Inda Menyambunh Al Qiran Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. Love it. Awesome game by Domini games thanks. Is this game available in (Free to Play) version? Thank you .

Excellent games but still no new ones that are free for the whole game. Played the free part, liked it, so decided to buy, now after unlocking the bike, I'm stuck not being able to get to it to get in the bag or anything. Not too happy as I just spent $6 to not even be able to play! Very disappointing.. I want to buy this game but the reviews and not seeing a update has me thinking twice. In June 2021 you said a update was coming but last update was January 2021... I know your busy and it seems your on a break due to a game being on sale for 17 days but hopefully I can purchase this game soon. Thank You!. Love you Nicholas . I'm thankful that you fixed the issues for getting the items from the bag. You still have a problem with finishing the game, when you go to collect the fist's the ending freeze's up and it just starts talking with the maze still in the graphic. Fix the rest and then the game will be okay!.

Good game. Will play more in the Dark Romance series.. Optimal fun. Such a great game. So much to do. Brilliant . I don't care for games that have overt spiritism in it.. Great game that I really enjoyed playing. 3 collectables, great puzzles and bonus chapter..

Paid. Great game. But sticks alot. Can't retrieve money from pouch! Reinstalled. Still doesn't work. Refund please.. A bit glitchy, but was able to compete game.. Hidden objects - Dar... Rate this app. Great time killer for fair price.

Excellent game, as always!. great game graphics storyline just need to be longer playing time to pay for game. Play was easy to control,thank you for your games it has really helped me in these times.. I have play dfficult game this ones not. Absolutely superb as always, thank you! Great graphics and gameplay. Logical gameplay and great value for money. A big thanks to the developers may they develop many more like this!.

Great graphics & storyline! But the demo was too short for me to decide whether to pay $4.49, so I'll watch for it to go on sale.. Good game but when I stopped I had to start back over still fun. Great. Lots of fun.. Your games continue to impress me. The graphics are great and the storyline is really good. The puzzles are just hard enough sometimes to almost get frustrating but then so rewarding when you get them. Keep up the amazing games, I love them!. I just paid for this game and now I am not able to continue because the game says at every scene "there's nothing to do here". I want my money back!.

Any Domini game you choose is brilliant!!. Loved this game. Storyline, graphics, controls and gameplay are well done. Has a fast travel map and a journal. The length seems shorter than most, as does the bonus chapter. No issues.. great game , love the storyline. Love it.

Absolutely no interest to purchase.. story was great but graphics were not so good. Very good set-up, well thought through from start to finish. Only complaint is that half way through game play the game starts tomslow den and lags between owning next chapter/scene. Very good ran smooth. Ok... But not great....

Another great game! Love playing these games & hoping more will be coming soon on Android.. The games and graphics keep getting better. Good job!. Another great game please keep them coming. Can not remove item from thigh bag. Such a great game!.

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