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Play these good object-discovering games filled with puzzles, thoughts teasers, and mini-games! You may need to search and uncover hidden objects and win this fulfilling search and uncover discovering object games!

Your father’s been murdered by the evil fairy queen! You uncover that you need her wings to revive him. With magical creatures trying to stop you at every flip, entering the Hallowed Kingdom acquired to be an easy job. Nevertheless, each little factor changes as you proceed, and you understand that nothing’s pretty because it seems as if you bought down to save many of your loved ones’ members and protect your kingdom. Clear up different riddles in every location! Our games and puzzles drawback you to a model new fascinating journey!

Dark Romance Ethereal Gardens Mod APK 1.0.13 (Unlocked)

the map vanished for a while. no indication of where to go and what to do next so have to keep using tne hint . several other issues that i cant be bothered to name so 3 stars is being generouse.. Am stuck on the free bonus chapter this gam3 is terrible i hate it how do i go on becoz wen i press pray now it doesnt allow help me. Enjoying the story which flows well which helps with finding objects and solving puzzles,. The story is very predictible but it's an ok game. I would give you a 5 but I find the game very slow to play, or is it me , the clues are hard to do. I will carry on to see if I can get any better.. Enjoy all the games I've played.

Love these games and help improve memory. im 72 and need the help lol. Ty ty for providing skips for difficult puzzles.. Really good until glitch with doctors broken mask not showing, so cant continue. Very frustrating.. Still working on it, so it must be good!. Hm Jaya Talking Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre.

Another great game with good story and graphics. Enjoying game so far. Great graphics. Good story. very enjoyable . just the right amount of difficulty. Beautiful graphics and fun puzzles - another very pleasant game from this developer. Remind me not to install this again..

Fun game. Interesting storyline, which i like. Great graphics! N its FREE ... Ive been really enjoying these games so far, and this one might have my favorite storyline to date, so I was greatly disappointed when I reached a point where it didnt let me continue without pay :(. Brilliant game but can't afford it to play on!. Thanks for deleting my honest review. Here's another one. Fix the bugs.. At very beginning had an invisible inventory object. Could not pick it or see it. Restarted with same outcome. .

Please tell me this game balance based game or free play. Graphics a bit slow loading but still a fair game. Nice length, and has all the bells and whistles. Well worth the price.. I Dream Red Light 5 Mins Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre. This game Dark Romance: Ethereal Gardens is fanastic to play and i love the great grafics it has within the storyline. Once again , great game to play!!.

The gameplay was fun. The graphics in The Domini games are always very good!! I do think there could some more challenging games. The only big complaint I have is how expensive it is for the full version of their games. I really do enjoy playing Domini games, I may just try to stick to the free ones.. A very enjoyable game to play. I have not had the oppurtunity to play this game because Im not willing nor do I understand why, it requires my contacts, and photos. Is this some kind of scam?? ( Other games do not require this information). I am very excited to play this game . Hidden Object is my favorite game.

Great game. I love the story line and the beautiful scenery. It's just enough of a challenge.. These are great games and I wouldn't mind paying for the full version but $5.99 is a bit much.. I usually don't like a game enough to spend money on them because there are so many that are free buuuut... famous last words... I had to after playing a chapter. It's so beautifully designed I love games like these, this one is by far my favorite I've ever played. The storyline is really sweet and I always root for the underdog, so, this one was right up my alley. Excellent work designers! Thank you!. It's been fun to play... having a good time Thank you for the entertainment. It was good until i got a 5.99 fee to finish my game. What a waste of my time..

One star off because there was a glitch in the bonus game that made it impossible to complete the game. Otherwise a solid game.. Really enjoyable storyline, colors are magnificent. Loved it. Another fantastic game, from the best adventure company!. Love Domini games! Graphics are great. I like the new puzzles.. One of the best games by far.

Love this game has an awesome storyline second time I've played this game well worth the money. Update: I waited weeks to see if DOMINI would fix the prob, but nope. So UNINSTALLING... Glitch in the bonus game where NO GEMS to place. Played game twice just to make sure. Sent email with pic of game glitch to developer. Price goes up but quality goes down.... UNINSTALLING.... . Another great game with a lot of twist and turns. I love this game because it relaxes my mind from all the tension i have in my body!!!. Really sad that Domini Games don't appear to be supported on Chrome OS anymore. I didn't have any issues when I first got my Chromebook but since September 2020 some of the objects I collect will not allow me to pick them up and as such I am unable to contine playing.. I've emailed support several times to no avail so will need to avoid these games for the foreseeable future which is really disappointing as they are amongst my favourites..

Really love this game. Look forward to the next one. I wasn't going to buy this game because of the price but once I started playing it, I had to finish it. The storyline reminds me of the movie "Maleficent," which is one of my absolute favorite movies. I really enjoyed this one. Phenomenal storyline, fantastic graphics and amazing puzzles. You guys really outdid yourselves on this one! If I could give it higher than 5 stars, I would. Bravo! Very well done! . Enjoying game. The format is the same as all DG games. Main complaint is the inventory items are not named not always sure what they are. As always thank you for creating these awesome games.. Very fun to play. Some new puzzles to play.. PG 1- Only for children under the age of 1..

I love this app and the games. There some of the best graffics and sound affects I've ever seen in a game. Please keep them coming.. Another fantastic game from these great developers. I loved this game . Thank you Domini support team. I really enjoyed the storyline, graphics were brilliant as expected. I'll look forward to the next one! Definitely worth 5!. Love your new game graphics are great look forward to more games. A Very good game .good story.

I luv this type of game which allows you to play w 2 players, but I can't see paying $6 so I'll be watching for it to go on sale.. Enjoyed the trial version but, price a Little too steep for me. Will try again when price goes down. Another great game though!. I finished the game and I loved it, the puzzles were fun and story line was nicely done, I will play this one again. Thanks for another great game. I just love fantasy games there so rich in color and the story line is the best. Very good just wish your price would come back down, they were great in the beginning but now they are getting up there. Not sure how much longer I will be able to continue to purchase your games..

I think the game is fansitic,the colours are so vivid it just great to play, I love it and it's so we'll done. This game is very interesting, and I am enjoying it so far. I'm over halfway through. Some of the puzzles are challenging to work through, but I still enjoy the game. Touching the interest sites at each scene is a bit sluggish in response, but that's because my device is a bit old (Ellipsis). I'm hoping to update soon to a Samsung tablet. I know this is a bit more expensive than the $2.99 games that I get, but this game is longer. Overall I'm happy with the game.. I liked the game very much.. This Game was interesting. And Sad at the same time. The gameplay was good. The Graphics was Magical. And the HOGs was challenging. But the reason I said it was sad only. Is that the Character Status Quo. Tricked what we all love and cherished. Is the most sad thing ever. You most purchased this Game. In order to find out what it holds in-store for you. Thanks! Again Domini Games for your Wonderful insight to entertain some of us. In these uncertain times. God Bless you. And Stay Safe. Another great game! Loving the graphics, games and storyline! I don't know how you can all keep thinking up these new games and stories to go with them! Just wanted to say thank you and look forward to playing more!!.

I really love this game, its fun, laid back, beautiful scenery, likable characters... enjoyable. Really good love the story and the way it goes into different areas using 2 people even the collecting things good need more of these games. it was easy to follow, and a great story, great game. Another great game thanks guy's. playing your game's just take's you away from all that's going on so stay safe and thankyou guy's. Graphics are nice but really hard to play on cellphone. Might be better on a tablet..

Enjoying greatly!! Bought it!! 9-14-20. I HAVE BEEN RIPPED OFF AGAIN Once again I Bought the game The full game and it is 2 hours long AGAINAT. $6.00USD The game was easy but game and VERY simple to figure out The graphics are good and the story line is good But not $6That's ridiculous for 2 hours.. Brand new game "Newly made" I thought maybe I'd give it a shot again to pay for another game thought it would be longer I was wrong! I WILL NOT BUY ANYMORE GAMES .UNLESS THEY ARE WELL REVEIWED. HAS BE OUT FOR A TIME. longer. Very Happy With The Games You Have To Choose From Some Scary, Some An Adventure But All Of Them I've Played Are Entertaining Takes My Mind Off Of My Problems With Hurricane Laura So For That I'm Grateful Thank You. Haven't found any glitches in the casual level. The game seems rather short for the cost. Should be about $3.00. Beautiful graphics. The story flows smoothly, but rather simply. Good game for a beginner playing HOGS.. Nice game, great play an story..

Just finished playing this game full version plus bonus level. Very good storyline and great graphics. I found that I was compelled (in a good way) to finish the game to find out what was going on. Will be revisiting this game in the future to try my hand at harder levels. Would like to certainly see more games like this. Will there be another chapter to this one, around daughters? Or more on Celeste and Liam? Think that this would be great to see and will be happy to play too. No issues with the game. I was just hoping for a romantic story.. Meh. So much back and forth, I can't keep track of what I need to do. Good story but no flow at all.. I really like this game!!!! Keep them coming!!!!. So disappointed with this expensive game. The mini games were so easy, no thought needed. There is loads of notes to pick up, after each one, the game tells you you have found a note for a good 5 or 6 seconds, got really on my nerves, the same happened with every little bit of collectable items. can't wait to finish it and uninstall it. So boringly easy. Not worth 5.99. I have played other Dark Romance games and enjoyed them. This game....... Massive disappointment.

Very awesome I like this one. Great game as per usual with these games graphics are brilliant and the story line is good too you get a few great mini games before you get the choice to buy its well worth it too carry on ...... throygh the many mini games and bonus round ....... im 57 and love playing the hard version ..... its a shame you can't pay fora block amount of games in a monthly subscription or do they and I've missed it lol xxx. Am I the only one having a problem with the invisibility cloak as a plus item? When I open it there's a blank screen and it won't allow me to put the bottle of visibility on it. Window just closes and I can't finish the game. Very disappointing seeing as I paid over $6!. its a good adventurous game. thank u for uploading the game. This game is supposed to be on sale at 35% off, but when I go to unlock it I'm being charged 5.99 which is full price. Please sort this bug out, I'm not the only one by reading other reviews!.

I thought this game was supposed to be on sale? It claims it's supposed to be 35% off but it's charging 5.99. Were the prices raised again? Or is it just not charging the sale price? Either way, not cool.. Looks like it could be fun, however, I refuse to pay $5.99 (US) when I just got the email about this new game 4 days ago. Therefore, the game should be still on sale as it's still in the 1st week. I see others have complained about this as well. If the price is corrected I will buy the game as I enjoy your games very much. Thank you for your time.. Another GREAT game, keep em coming! I've played all your games in Hidden object.. The game is supposed to be 35% off. But the price comes up as 5.99. Too much for a game that's supposed to be on sale. I'll be back to purchase it when you sort this out.. It is supposed to be on sale but still being charged full price please fix this..

App says its on sale. But its still charging full price.. Like it except for the guide. It sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is supposed to be on sale. It's supposed to be 35% off, but it's still showing as full price (5.99). Apply the discount as advertised, please.. Beautiful! Fun! Stunning graphics and colors! Intriguing story and unique characters!. Hi...i have played all domini's the price has been increased .

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